PC: SSF4 AE "Marn Violation" Thread

So here I am finally livin out my dreams of being near top of ladder on PC since no one super talented plays this game, and then all of a sudden Marn joins my ranked lobby. He proceeds to maliciously and brutally violate me with Yun and left me for dead…

If thats not a enough, a dozen ranked matches later he joins my lobby again and proceeds to violate me with Viper. I don’t remember much as I blacked out during this violation, but all I know is I maybe scored 1 or 2 hits on him on all rounds.

If anyone else has been violated by Marn on PC just talk about it here as it does help the healing process. I’m still in recovery, but I’m taking it day by day. When are the pros gonna let the noobs have a game to themselves?

Yeah he’s pretty beast. There’s actually a few recognizable names on there. I haven’t had much time to play online, but I’ll be on there soon enough.

Whats his tag?

Look at the leaderboards, you can’t miss him

So, you’re all “chubby lovers”?

Wonder if he is either sitting on the floor or a chair while playing.

theres no compition on pc. but seems like i have a reason to get my pp up on pc. If I can get over the stupid screen frame skipping for no reason.

There are a few good players on PC, but a lot of them have been on console version anyway lol

This is getting out of hand, TS Sabin came in and had his way with me with Dhalsim twice… I did a little better than what I did vs Marn but still lost hard… I messaged him as to why he doesn’t play seth, so he took it upon himself to join my lobby again and violate me with his seth.

At what point will the violating stop?

next up is a gangbang in an endless lobby

I feel sad that i live in germany i would love to play those guys. Too bad the high ping would make the lag unbearable

Same here.
If only Alioune Sensei played on PC. :frowning:
Having GGPO would be useful too, being that it would be playable even with 100ms of lag.