PC: SSF4 AE - No sound


I bought AE from steam and when I open up AE, the music and sounds from the intro works but once I go to the menu and into fight there is no sound at all. I checked all of the settings and sound options and it’s up.

Does anyone else have this problem? And does anyone know how to resolve this issue?


if you’re using windows, go to sound settings, under speaker settings go to advanced, performance, set hardware acceleration to either basic or none. restart your game both times see if either of them works.


it didn’t work but thanks for helping :slight_smile:

greatly appreciated


i got no sound but this issue was from my dual modded stick with a chultha PCB and a 360 pad PBC in the stick. The 360 PBC was registering the sound thru headphones. So in windows 7 i clicked on the sound icon bottom right of windows, two sliding bars poped up for sound. One main sound and the other headphones. So i clicked the headphones icon and disabled its sound and it works now

Not saying you are having this issue, but its what was wrong with mine.


To fix audio problems try checking the disable all sound effects option on your device properties, i worked for me, ggs y’ll


ssf4ae to fix audio issues on windows 7
start menu
control panel
hardware and sound
sound - manage audio devices
click on your device - go to its properties- enhancements
and check the disable all sound effects option, it worked for me, I hope it works for u too