PC: SSF4 AE Players Thread


Steam: arrahdre
Region: TN, USA
Days you usually play: daily…rarely online for purely SFIV cause fuk dat gm, but seriously, if you see me on invite me, and i’ll probably play
Time you usually play (+timezone): usually on steam in some capacity between 11pm and 1am CST
Character you main: Juri
Own skilllevel: i float around 4000-5000 bp 1500-2000 pp…but i’m really a fraud…
Languages you speak:English


Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ghostoast[url=“steamcommunity.com/id/ghostoast”]
Region: TX,USA
Days you usually play: Everyday
Time you usually play (+timezone): 8pm-1am CST
Character you main: Blanka
Own skilllevel: 4000 pp and 10,000 bp
Languages you speak: English


Steam: Loadsamoney
Region: TX, USA
Days you usually play: Almost everyday
Time you usually play (+timezone): Random, due to crazy work schedule
Character you main: T. hawk, Zangief, Ryu
Own skilllevel: Stupid low
Languages you speak: English


Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198011530260/home/
Region: Europe, Greece
Days you usually play: Almost every day
Time you usually play: Mostly afternoon/night EET(Eastern European Time.It is UTC/GMT +2 hours)
Main character: Ryu
Skill Level:Trash :stuck_out_tongue:
Languages you speak:English
I am basicly looking for equaly unskilled players in order to do some practice together and perhaps form a friendship


Steam: SquishySuna (search ookpaia)
Region: Ontario, canada
Days you usually play: every 2-3 days
Time you usually play: Evenings and night
Main character: Decapre, Abel, (trying to learn too many characters)
Skill Level:1000pp around, usually less
Languages you speak:English
Want usf4 friends to learn and grow with, both lower and higher skill friends welcome.


Region: US South
Days you usually play: Anytime
Time you usually play (+timezone): Like, every damn day.
Character you main: Yang mostly
Own skilllevel: eh, I think I’m ok at this game
Languages you speak: English.


Steam: Iyokuu
Region: US South, Texas
Days you usually play: Whenever I want to train
Time you usually play (+timezone): Either middle of the day or after 5pm.
Character you main: Ibuki and Poison. Although my Adon and E. Ryu are better. I also have a Viper somewhere in my pocket.
Own skilllevel: Fundamentally strong with bottom listed characters. Need serious help with the rest.
Languages you speak: English.
Looking for someone to teach or help me tremendously with any of those characters, but mostly Ibuki.


Steam: Captain Mazda
Region: Toronto, Canada
Days you usually play: Whenever I have time
Time you usually play (+timezone): Random, usually at night
Character you main: Chun-Li, I don’t use anyone else so that’s all you’ll face
Own skilllevel: I can’t rate myself so… http://tinyurl.com/nf48aj7
Languages you speak: English, Finnish, Farsi


Steam: aos777
Region: Mississauga, Canada
Days you usually play: Whenever I feel like, but I’m almost always down for games if we can schedule it.
Time you usually play (-5:00 GMT; that’s EST 0:00): Usually some time after 9pm, but can do mornings and afternoons on weekdays.
Character you main: Gouken.
Own skill level: I don’t practice and I don’t play frequently.
Languages you speak: English.

I don’t have my Steam App open, so it’d be best to PM me here if you want to get in some games.

I sent invites to you two. Hope you’ll accept them!


Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/swoltacular
Region: SC, USA
Days you usually play: Most weekdays, occasional weekends
Time you usually play: Evenings/nights/ depends. Anytime if I"m available I’ll play if someone wants to
Character you main: Ken/Ryu but want to branch out and learn more.
Own skill level: I beat buddies but lost most online matches/ relatively low compared to people on shoryuken.
language: English

Edit: I wear a headset and prefer to play with people who can communicate on steam.


Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/allensant
Region: CT, USA
Days you usually play: Weekday afternoons, Weekends
Time you usually play (+timezone): Afternoons, Evenings Eastern Time
Character you main: Learning Sakura/Fei Long
Own skill level: Below trash tier but want to learn and grow
Languages you speak: English


Steam: WNxDieCobros
Region: IL, USA
Days you usually play: Weekdays
Time you usually play (+timezone): 11 AM-3 PM CST, starting from 9 AM on Fridays
Character you main: Guile, Boxer, Claw
Own skill level: Decent, still learning
Languages you speak: English, Serbian


SteamID: Jkellen22
Region: California
Days you usually play: Most
Time you usually play (+timezone): Weekends/ after 4p.m weekdays
Character you main: Evil Ryu, Dudley
Own skilllevel: Really low noob status
Languages you speak: English

Comments: add me and send me a message USF4 just realized this said AE


I’m surprised this thread is still active.

PSA: Looking for people to play USF4 with on PC? Then you should definitely head over to this Steam group. It’s very active and friendly and there is always people hanging out in the chat room.

And if you still insist on posting you steam id here, please include the complete url (because Steam allows multiple users to have the same Id…)


SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ichtanzundtanz
Region: Uruguay (South America)
Days you usually play: Sundays are best, but I may be available other days at night.
Time you usually play (+timezone): Sundays can be any time. Other days it can be after 7 PM (GMT -3).
Character you main: Undecided yet, since I’m new to the game.
Own skill level: At the very beginning of my Street Fighter journey. I’m reading the Fighting Game Primer and watching tournament matches.
Languages you speak: Spanish (mother language), English.


Steam iD: Plnks
Region: Turkey
Days you usually play: everyday
Time you usually play (+timezone): anytime, gmt +2
Character you main: Ryu, Ken
Own skilllevel: Newbie
Languages you speak: Turkish, English


Days you usually play:mon-sat
Time you usually play (+timezone):eastern
Character you main:balrog , ryu, sagat
Own skilllevel:beginner
Languages you speak:English


Steam ID: Sleepy
Region: North America
Days you usually play: All Week when I can
Time you usually play (+timezone): 7:00am-12:00pm or 7:00pm-10:00pm
Character you main: Sakura
Own skilllevel: Low scum (complete and utter noob)
Languages you speak: English

Comments: Just started using Stick on a regular bases & I just started posting on the Shoryuken forums nice to meet all of ya! ^.^


Steam ID: Tyeal
Region: North America
Days You Usually Play: All
Times You Usually Play (+timezone): UTC -08:00 (2:00 PM to 11:00 PM)
Character You Main: Juri
Secondaries: Guile, Balrog, Sagat, Gouken, Chun-Li
Own Skill-Level: Average to Good
Languages You Speak: English

Comments: Looking to get back into USF4, but I need a sparring partner/rival.


Steam ID: Jayvondoom
Region: NA
Days you usually play: Almost all (off days vary)
Times: usually between 9pm -12am EST
Character main: Currently Ryu
Own skill level: Super beginner

I’m really trying to learn this game and be good. I know its hard to find people around my skill level currently but I’m willing to learn from better players.