PC: SSF4 AE - Problems

First of all I have the pirated version, while waiting for my pre purchase on steam to activate on 8th.
So maybe some of these problems are fixed in the official version, otherwise I will be quite annoyed.

-t.Hawk mexican typhoon does 0 damage. The animation shows but when he knocks the oponent into the ground there is no damage beeing delt
-Rose’s soul throw does no damage , same as T.Hawk
-addon jaguar tooth does not come out. (even if it has the same input as one of the specials from ibuki wich comes out just fine, so it’s not a problem of me not doing it properly) this is also the same for dudley with one of his similar inputs.
-Some frame skiping but this is due to “smooth” beeing in the option menu.

I believe that the gameplay issues are caused by the ‘smooth’ option.

As I said I’ve switched from smooth to fixed yet I am still having trouble performing addon’s jaguar tooth. Do you have to do the motion in some other way or?
Can any one with a pc version of the game confirm me this?

If you have trouble performing the jaguar tooth motion, go hit training mode.

I can perform ibuki’s neckbreaker and raida wich have the EXACT same motion with no problem. It’s just addon that seems to give me trouble. Is the motion performed diferently then you do for ibuki?

You sir are a scrub and a pirate,good day.

Wow pirates actually BUY games, your mind must be so blowned right now you poor kid :(.

On a serious note, Yeah for a computer user I have JUST started playing this game, considering super street fighter was not released for pc. And thus I have no experience with it. But isn’t what these forums are for? For new players to ask questions?

Get the legit version. Come back when you have legit problems (of which there are supposedly several).