PC SSF4:AE to Ultra help


Wondering if someone can help me, i got SSF4 AE off ebay and after i installed it, my key was entered in to windows live, but i see that ultra is coming out and there will be a update version of it on steam.

so my question is how do i add my current SSF4 AE to steam so i can buy just the upgrade later?



You should redeem the game in the steam client (from the Games menu, choose “Activate a game on Steam”) with the same key you used for Live. It should add the game to your Steam library, so you can download it from there and play as normal.
(You can uninstall the Game for Windows Live version when you install the Steam version.)


You’re not forced to uninstall GFWL version though. You can move the game folder in Capcom folder to Steam>Steam Apps>common. Rename it exactly “Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition” and once you launch Steam, it should recognize it and you would only have to patch the game, not downloading the whole thing again. Though you still need to enter your game code on Steam, I think.


icic thanks guys ill try