PC: SSF4 AE Tournament!

So few days and the PC version of AE comes out get hyped all PC players !

I am going to run a pc version online tournament. It is going to be a “fun” tournament so no entry fee at all. I am looking specificly European players because of the lag issues ( if you are confident about our connection then feel free to register)

I am trying to run the tournament 15-17 of july

Rules are simple:

  • Double elimination tournament
  • 2 out of 3
  • The winner of each match tells me the result
  • Macroes and turbos are banned
  • No character lock
  • The winner of a game must stay with he´s character the loser can chance

To register just E-mail me to OnniJonni@hotmail.fi or post here.
All questions also here or to my E-mail

If you have lots of free time you could help out the ESL SF4 euro section :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to donate my time during Vanilla on PC there but too busy nowadays :confused:

is 14 july the last day i can register? cause right now im trying to get the money to buy the game

Yep you can register july 14th

I am in!

register me

You are in.

I would like you to start posting you name in game so I can set up the tournament structure

I’m down. Name: MingoDynasty

Though I’m US east; I’m not sure how good the connection will be.

im in
DProto SRK

So here are the first matches there probably will be a 4th pair I just need a confirmation from those players.

AlexLeder vs MmpierremM
Dlieu vs MingoDynasty//// Mingo won

**Dproto SRK vs OnniJonni/// Onni won **

**Micro262626 vs CheezTier//// Micro won

So now you can contact your fist opponent and have the match. I am pretty sure there will be more players but it won´t affect your first match

We could just run this in the games tournament mode but I do not really know how it works and it would be hard to get us all online at the same time

I don’t think tournament mode lets you do best 2 out of 3.

So is there some sort of designated meetup time or something? Or am I supposed to sit in GFWL until my opponent shows up?

Send him a message and you can decide a time that fits both of you…

Dlieu vs MingoDynasty

I win. Ok now what?

We wait until other matches are played… you advange in winners and he is dropped to losers

You guys should make a steam channel to run the tourney in. makes things a lot faster than to run it over email/on a forum. I remember doing tourneys on steam on vanilla and it went by very quickly and smoothly. Having a chat where everyone can chill/ask questions is very advantageous.

Thanks dude :slight_smile:

I’m sorry but I probably cant play tomorrow (CheezTier)…So if I cant play my losers match today, I just have to lose by default.

Losers:**CheezTier vs Dproto SRK

Winners: **Micro262626 vs OnniJonni/// Micro won