PC: SSF4 AE Unlocker


Sorry about the wait, but I’ve finished making the SSF4: AE unlocker for PC. It unlocks all the colours, taunts, titles*, icons, character voice acting, bonus stages, and completes all the trials. To use it, just run SSF4: AE, run the unlocker, and choose what you want to unlock.

*It doesn’t unlock the tournament DLC titles (the EX ones).

Download (pre-patch retail version)

All credits go to kache for finding the cheats.


Edit: Pre-patch Steam unlocker

Patched retail + Steam unlocker

v1.2.0.1 retail + Steam unlocker (old)

v1.2.0.1 retail + Steam unlocker (new)


v1.07 (current)


give me the source code and ill use it


This is the guy who coded the Vanilla one.
If you used that I don’t see the reason you shouldn’t use this.


Awesome! Your trainer for vanilla was great. I’m glad to see you’ve made one for AE, too :smiley:
(added it to the AE wiki)


Awesome, thanks for this!


Yea I wasn’t really thinking of making one but kache worked pretty hard to get all the addresses, so I thought I might as well help out a little. And thanks for adding it to the wiki :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, even with the game running, I still get the “determined what?” error.


Is the game process “SSFIV.exe”?


Tried this on my steam version of the game, does not work.


Ok, time to put on download the Steam version. Gonna check tomorrow and see what’s wrong.

  1. Even if I did use that one, I could definitely see reasons not to
  2. i didnt, and I dont open many programs on my windows machine, because windows is incredibly insecure. Random programs are even less trustworthy without the source code


Good, then feel free not to use it and unlock everything yourself.


Thanks for the unlocker, it worked great.

So there were colors 11 a 12 for every character after all…
Any idea how you unlock them normally?


Wait until they patch the SF4 savegame checker to make it work on PC too.


I tried here and got the same “determined wut” error.
Steam version here.


I guess we got off topic here.
I used the Unlocker and it worked perfect. Kind of buggy at first. did show anything unlocked. but i restarted the game and its all good.
I just didnt want to unlock all colors manually on 4 PCs at my house :~ so this made it fast for Fight night coming.


very nice.


I think so, I will check when I get home. Though it is with mentioning, I am also using the steam version.


I think there’s a bug with the unlocker. When I try the first option to unlock all colours and taunts it also unlocks all titles. Likewise, the second option that’s supposed to unlock all titles and icons only unlocks the icons for me. I tried this many times and it’s always the same…


Yeah, I forgot to mention that the best way to do it is entering versus mode, unlocking everything, then go back and have the game save everything.