PC: SSFIV AE through Steam Error 80151911 on GFWL sign in

I’m on a trip in CA for work and xbox live does not work in my hotel (requires browser activation). I decided to just buy the pc version through steam and play on my laptop, however when I try to log in to GFWL I get error 80151911. I googled the shit out of this error and it says its network problems related to the MTU on your interfaces, so I made the necessary changes and it still will not work.

I next tried a different network. I’m the network admin for my company, and I verified the MTU on our switch interfaces and router interfaces are all set to MTU decimal 1500. I am now confident that is not the issue.

I also downloaded the standalone GFWM installation, installed it, and ran it. I was able to log in, and get my xbox live profile downloaded no problem. It just doesn’t work within the game itself. Does anyone here know of a way to get this to work.

OK as it would seem, the problem actually WAS the MTU. It just requires a restart after making the registry changes.