[PC SSFIV:AE] Will learning keyboard hurt me down the road?

When I first got the game I tried my xbox 360 pad, and while I eventually figured out how to pull off most moves with it, it’s just too inaccurate for me to get serious about learning the game on. I decided to try my keyboard because pretty much every input for this game is digital in nature vs an analog xbox 360 pad. Plus I’ve been a FPS gamer for years, so using wasd is very natural, much more than any analog stick or d-pad. I can even pull off most directional inputs incredibly consistently which is great.

Here is what I’m worried about. One of the appealing advantage for this game is social gaming with the local SFIV scene, but I know the market for this game is largely console based. Can you even use keyboards as an input for xbox 360 or PS3? I use a Razor BlackWidow, which is a nice mechanical keyboard. If not is there any mods or converters that can be used to make it work? As long as it works I don’t mind being the crazy guy with a keyboard ^^.

The alternative is dropping $150 on a arcade stick. If I’m spending money, I want something I don’t half enjoy. I don’t really have a big problem with buying a good arcade stick, but it’s a huge upfront investment for a game and it would always be nice to avoid or delay that choice to when I’m committed to playing the game seriously.

No you will learn the links and such, BUT I would reconfig to make sure the buttons are on the right side of the keyboard like an arcade stick.

You can always purchase a cheaper stick up front… That’s what I did back when… Made sure I liked the feel before I bought a $300 custom.

BUT… there’s a guy that brings his custom keyboard to Evo… so yeah.

Probably, I play PC games too and don’t really see that big of a problem. In-fact there’s a flash street fighter game I remembered playing awhile back that had online players using only the key board. Pretty sure you can use either 360 or ps3 controller on the pc but I never found that out myself. That aside the pad on the 360 is terrible. I’d recommend not getting a stick either. Does it make sense to get something that is newer or to get a dinosaur of a controller with a dinosaur of a game that has the exact same design that no other game has use of? Doesn’t matter, but I know more people who didn’t prefer stick then those who do.

Why not try a Hit Box? It has the feel of playing on a keyboard, but with the precision, sturdy casing and high quality parts expected from an arcade stick.

7/8 - throw/focus
4/5/6+ - lp/mp/hp/3p
1,2,3,enter - lk/mk/hk/3k

Button positioning took me a bit of analyzing and I eventually settled on using the keypad as I can reference those keys without looking at them. I’d use the home key region but I don’t think the game would let me D: I might make +/enter my throw/focus since I’m comfortable with not using the combined button but I’ll see how it goes as I play.

What systems do they play on at EVO? Did he have to mod the keyboard or it worked by default on a console?

I’d consider it, maybe even more than a arcade stick. The only thing is the costs is the same as a $150 arcade stick and I don’t have much experience with DIY projects to make my own. Is there much downside to getting a PS3 version as a PC player? They are out of supplies of the xbox 360 version. Could I mod it to be useable on xbox 360 in the future?

He modded a PS2 pad to a mechanical keyboard.

Really? So you’re saying that we should all use pads instead of sticks, which the majority of the player base who have practiced with one have found more suited to the complicated commands required of fighting games? I have nothing against pad players, just against irrelevant arguments.

keyboard=hitbox=all buttons

Something like the Eagle Eye peripheral might let you play your regular USB keyboard on the PS3. I’m not sure about the X360 though. Have you tried just plugging a normal keyboard into a PS3 or X360 to see if it works?

Not at all. You can’t plink on the keyboard as easily. Also, unless you have a godlike keyboard, you probably won’t be able to do Ken’s kara throw because of the limitation of keys a keyboard can send. Ken’s SRK FADC forward jump air EX-Tatsu or Cammy’s instant Cannon Strike is really hard to do consistently on a keyboard.

Considering I don’t own either console I would not know. That’s why I’m asking if anyone has gotten a keyboard to work on a console and how.

This is wrong. Keyboard players can simply map Throw to an extra button in the meantime for easy Kara-grabs. If you bind Spacebar to Up, Instant Air Tatsu motions are really easy.

Playing like that, you’ll have the muscle memory for a Hitbox down, then you can make the investment when you’re ready.

After reflecting the past day this is the route I’m going to take. My mechanical keyboard is going to serve me well enough to learn the game on and I can transition into a Hitbox in the next few weeks when I get more experianced. Hell I could probably end up using it for clicking in osu! (a rhythm game I play) if the buttons are suitable.

Thanks for the replies everyone, very appreciated.

Osu is godlike.

I have a feel the Hitbox is going to catch on VERY VERY VERY fast. I always felt the issue with playing on keyboard was the fact that the keys didn’t respond like Sanwas, and you can do some really fast motions with keys.

One problem with hitboxes/kb you might not of considered, you’ll always be that guy who has to switch out his controller before playing. Sticks have the advantage of being standardized. This is also awesome if you ever find yourself in an arcade.

About hitboxes taking off… Honestly I doubt it. The hitbox concept isn’t new. People have been using similar controllers for years. They never really gained much popularity.

I am thinking about doing this. I’ve tried to break the dualshock for goign on 2 years and it just isn’t happening, it’s too imprecise an instrument. My intention is to map the keyboard like a hitbox then buy a hitbox when I can afford it. Hopefully the transition won’t be difficult then.