PC - SSFIVAE and windows doesnt recognize 360 TE anymore help?

Hi there,

im running win7 64bit with intel chipset and the microsoft xbox controller drivers

got my 360 TE stick yesterday and first all worked fine.

after maybe the 2nd restart of SSFIV the game refused to recognize my stick.
windows doesnt recognize it either
the xbox light on top of the TE still flashes when i re-plug the TE
tryed all usb slots but the same result.

is the stick just broken? or did i miss something ?

thankful for any help

It sounds like a USB service is acting up, have you rebooted the PC and the problem continues?

Check to make sure the Xbox controller driver is running. You should see XboxStat.exe as one of your processes.

If you hit the Guide button on your stick a guide button pop up should appear; that happens on my XP setups with the driver installed.

Rebooted several times and still doesnt work.

The drivers are installed and running, the guide button flashes when i plug the TE but after the flash its like i havent pluged anything.
The drivers and my windows dont recognize the TE, also reinstalled all usb mobo drivers so far still no reaction.

this happens to me sometimes where i can still play despite the light on my stick not being on. normally this happens when

1.windows didnt update the drivers itself so you have to find the drivers on their website
2.the usb slot you plugged it in doesnt have enough power theres also a bug with intel bugs
3.possible USB or pcb problem?

sorry if i couldnt help

Thx for your help.
I already figured out that 1. and 2. are ok i start format soon and see if the fresh installation will help.
If it doesnt i just try to change it for new one with the shop i bought it.