PC stick


Sup everyone, I’m in need of a stick to use with my pc, what’s my best option, other than converters, which I’d rather not mess with?
I read of pelican converter being mad good, but I would use this stick for pc only so I’d like it to be the best possible.
I guess padhacking is the way to go… if that’s it, is there anything specific I should be aware of? (pcb X not working with os Y, etc)
And most important, anyone in here who can build one? Preferably in Europe.


hori real arcade pro 3

its for the ps2 but its direct usb so u should be good with that


hrap3 for ps3 is your best bet for quality sticks that you can atleast use on pc. you can also get the doa4 xb360 stick, that works as well. as for custom, i recommend using saitek controllers for the pcb. p220 costs 10bucks new at any store. if you can find their older p150, even cheaper, and has common grounds…


Where are the saitek’s sold? Fry’s, best buy, circuit city, gamestop, compusa, none of those guys have em. Tryin to find either a saitek or a thrustmaster firestorm digital at a retail joint and havin no luck thus far.


jake: try looking again. fry’s electronics DEFINITELY has em. I work at one, we carry SHITLOADS of different saitek accessories. and i am extremely sure every other major retailer has something from them


Quite a few converters out there work pretty well. I say go for one to use your current stick with on your Pc.

Would be better than buying a whole new one only for Pc use. That would be like buying a Japanese console system solely to play imports, when with a little work, you could easily have your U.S system running imports.


Ok, I looked up saitek controllers on ebay, they look real cheap, which is definitely a plus, now the problem is I don’t have the experience or time to experiment, so I need to find some stick builder who’s willing to build a pc specific stick, anyone around here? Else I’ll endure till summer and (try to)build mine from scratch.

About hrap3 and doa4 sticks, if I’m not mistaken I read about them working on pc being somewhat a matter of luck. Post was by you Sabre, right? Is that true or is there a way to make them work on every system? If they work ok I could consider buying one and modding it.

True Grave: well, I pretty much only play st on pc these days, that’s the reason I’d like a pc stick, I can indeed use a converter for player 2 if people come over though.


it was the fighting stick 3 that was hit or miss depending on the computer. the doa4 stick works always, but usually involves installing the XBCD drivers which is no big deal. and im told hrap3 works fine as well


Nice. So, what’s the stick on hrap3? I’m used to sanwa’s with square gate, am I good to go if I decide to buy a hrap3? I guess I’d swap the buttons in any case, so 15-20 bucks more wouldn’t make that huge of a difference.

edit: it also works on xbox 360, right?


hrap’s are always equipped with a sanwa jlf and a square gate. hrap3 is ps3, and of course pc


Alright, thanks for the heads up, I think I’ll purchase a hrap3 then.