PC/TE Problem (360 Stick)

Well gents, I think I have a pretty unique issue and after a long day of trying everything I could think of, and being bounced around by tech support (Both Madcatz and Microsoft were fucking useless and told me to call the other multiple times…), I’m officially out of ideas. You guys are my last hope

My issue is that I cannot get my Madcatz TE Round 2 (or my round 1 for that matter) stick to work on my PC. I’ve installed what I believe to be the correct drivers (xbox 360 controller Windows 7 64-bit, I double checked my system stats) and while its detected it says I have no drivers installed for it. The weird part is that my Wired xbox controller works just fine…Is there some way to show my computer that the correct drivers are installed, and somehow link the TE to these installed drivers?

I really wanna play AE on my PC, anyone got any ideas on how I could fix this? its a brand new laptop too…

Try uninstalling any xbox 360 drivers you have, and just plug the stick in. Let windows do it’s job. I never have problems with any of my 360 sticks on any windows based PC’s.

Let me get this straight.

Xbox 360 TE
Windows 7 64 bit
Xbox 360 controller drivers installed?
Xbox 360 TE Works on Xbox 360 but not PC.

Is this all correct?

Did you Google for xbox 360 game drivers and download from any site or did you get the Microsoft Drivers for the Xbox 360 controllers for Win 7 64 bit.

Windows 7 is really good at getting Microsoft made drivers. Delete your old drivers, plug your TE in and let Windows find the correct drivers from the internet (usually a Microsoft Server is the default).

That’s all correct Darksakul, and It was my understanding that it was just a plug n play thing, but it can’t seem to find any drivers for the TE.

Hmmm, maybe you could find out specifically what drivers you are using and maybe upload them?

My drivers are what I allow Windows 7 to Automatically choose and download for me.
Windows 7 is good about finding many drivers like that, especially if its already a MS made driver.

Just Delete the old driver and let Win 7 find and install a new driver when you plug your stick back in

Likely at this stage, Windows will have incorporated the drivers in to its cache. When you come to remove the device, you will then need to go and find the location of the cached files, else, when you plug it back in, it’s not going to check the web for anything, it will just reload those files.

Meanwhile, does the pc see the stick at all - ie in device manager, when you plug it in, does a new device appear.

Sorry if these seem like baby steps, but it’s impossible to know just how good someone is at this stuff VIA the net!