PC to HDTV, is there lag?

ok so I’ve got lots of emulators on my computer, and i love using NFBA. I have a new HDTV in the house and Im wondering if, aside from my crappy adapter, is there any lag between the pc and HDTV.

Im mostly contemplating using a VGA cable, but if HDMI cables are the way to go with that setup then so be it

i use an aquos 32" and there is no delay.

I recently bought a 19" LCD HDTV. A cheaper, refurbished one at that(Polaroid brand BTW).

When playing 2D fighters on my PS2(using component), and on the PC(using VGA), i don’t notice any lag or other problems. If there is lag there then it is pretty insignificant, and not worth worrying about.

No, there shouldn’t be any lag when using an HDTV as a computer monitor. It’s when you’re using it for PS2 and older video game system that there’s lag.

As i stated above, i also play PS2 fighters(using component) on the HDTV and there is no lag that i can see.

If there is lag there, most won’t notice.