Simple question: Will connecting from my 6800GT video card port into a HDTV DVI input be good enough to output a decent resolution (say above 1024x768?).

yes; DVI supports very high resolutions. For best results, find out the native resolution of your HDTV (1280x720, 1920x1080, 1300x768 or something similar) and set the display to output that resolution. You might have to deal with some overscan issues but in my experience the NVidia drivers are pretty good about it.

Agreed there. If you’re on Windows, use PowerStrip software to tweak the resolution out. Should get an excellent image.

That should definitely look good on HDTV. I’ve got a plain old 7300GS hooked up to the HDMI port via the DVI-HDMI cable to my Samsung 50" plasma tv and it looks great. I’m sure a better video card would help with the resolution a bit, but the average person who sees my setup things it looks amazing.

Well you have to remember with HDTVs (and nearly all modern displays) there is an associated “native” resolution. For an LCD panel it’s the physical number of pixels on the panel and this resolution will provide the best image even if a better video card could output a higher one. The reason is scaling, if you have a 720p television that has a native resolution of 1280x720 (1:1 720p) theres no sense in running it at a higher resolution because it will have to make a guess as to how to “shrink” the image. I believe most drivers make the maximum resolution the correct one if they have correctly detected the display; a DVI-digital connection will usually do this.