PC to TV Convertors

I’m trying to find a cheap PC to TV Convertor for Component & AV…

Did i word it wrong again…

I mean is play MAME on a TV with Component & AV

Compact Pc-to-Tv converter:

^^ Very compact, USB powered, inexpensive, and outputs a Good picture on the Tv. Also comes complete with almost every wire you’ll need. I have one of these.

KnightWarrior check your PM.

Note-- If anyone is planning on buying an HDTV soon, as many are coming down nicely in price, then don’t bother with this device or others like it. LCD HDTV’s have VGA inputs built-in already so you won’t need it.

Most decent video cards have a tv-out s-video/composite built-into the card. And will give you a much better quality result than any vga converter.

I don’t know about that statement…a friend of mine has an S-video out on his laptop, and when comparing his Vs my converter box. There seemed to be almost no difference, if any.

However if one is lucky enough to have a video output connection like that on their Pc/Laptop already, then they won’t need any converter device to begin with.