[PC] Trade PS3 TE stick for HRAP SA3 (Ps3) or get a pci card?

Hello guys… this is my first time posting… but you should read my story

Earlier this week I bought the MadCatz (never again) TE ps3 fight stick (place where I do my online shopping didn’t have 360 otherwise I would have grabbed that) and it arrived today. I thought it would work for sure as I’m using an intel board (Asus p7p55D pro, intel p55 chipset)… but nope… old problem. PC detects it but no input…

but get this… so after going through ALL 31 pages of that Ps3/PC stick thread… the last post says “it doesn’t work on Intel p55 chip set because intel didn’t put UHCI on them” Fucking ironic. Well… now I either return this, buy a pci addon card (VIA) but I decided to check kajiji/craigslist to see if I could find someone to buy/swap it… and found this ad!


Guys wants to trade his HRAP SA3 for a Madcatz TE stick… I could do that… I don’t know too much about sticks except that Sanwa parts are the best (?) and according to my short research that HRAP V3SA is good stuff. So what should I do guys?

just buy the pci card.

I would personally trade for the HRAP.

buy the card

wow trade for the hrap v3 sa

Is the HRAP v3 sa that good or something? They are both Sanwa parts.

I’d trade for the V3 SA.
You get the same quality of parts (Sanwa in both of them) and the Hori should work fine on PCs, from what I read. Plus you’ll save the hassle of getting a new PCI card.
In terms of price, the V3 SA sells for more than the TE (at least in the US), so you’re not loosing anything if you decide to trade.

the HRAP 3 SA and the HRAP V3 SA are totally different. The HRAP 3 SA is the old HRAP model and the V3 SA is the new different styled model.

I say get the pci card over the used HRAP 3 SA because, for one, its better to have a new stick over a used one. And the TE case is more sexier than the HRAP 3 imo (pure preferance ofcourse).

Yeah, the HRAP 3 SA and the HRAP V3 SA are different, and the one that he was offered to trade for is the V3 SA (the newer one of the two).

I think in the end it comes down to preference. Of course, a used stick is a used stick and you should try it, if possible, before buying it. But in terms of quality and parts, I’d say the V3 SA and the TE are on par.

It comes down to:

  • What case do you prefer between the 2? (TE is a “full” case, the V3 SA has “wings” on the side)
  • The TE and the V3 SA have a slightly different weight, so maybe that matters to you.
  • The palm rest on the V3 SA is different than on the TE.

Both of them have a compartment for the cord, both of them come with full Sanwa parts, both of them are very good sticks.

Ahh I was going by the title, didn’t bother to check the link. All it comes down to is weight and the wrist/palm rest then.

V3 is lighter, TE is heavier.
V3 has less wrist space, TE has more wrist space.

Also the TE is easier to customize with artwork as there is no plexiglass made for the V3 yet.

i picked up a hrap 3 sa a couple days ago and i love it. also for pc access, since the hrap3 works with any pc, it would be more sensable. even if you have a pci card the te stick will work with, what if you want to take the stick to a friends house to use play a game or 2?

Well the thing is, to go pick up the HRAP, it will cost me 15$ (travel money + 2 hours, cause teh guy is far) I just got a pci card and the TE works fine : ). PCI card cost me 18$ with tax.