PC version - 2 players on keyboard?

Hi, I build a arcade cabinet 2 player with a keyboard encoder (iPac²).
This morning I launch SF5 and I notice that I can’t configure keyboard button and it’s only for 1 player. How can it be possible ? A PC version game with no true keyboard support !? Damn !
So I’m looking for a kind of solution for emuling gamepad from keyboard and found nothing easy. I tried Vjoy but it don’t want to work.
Do we have a solution to make virtual 360 gamepad from keyboard ?


I am having the same issue.

For reals right lol. I just tried to play local multiplayer with a homie on PC. I just realize they dont have keyboard keybinds for player 2? I just use joytokey for player 1, but i cant seem to find any info for p2. Capcops pls add keybinds on the keyboard for p2 so i can atleast use joy2key for that shit.

Its bad enough as it is. My friends and I have dual modded sticks. All of our dual modded sticks does not work for PC and PS4. Also not all PS3 sticks also dont work on pc and ps3 also. Dunno wtf is that all about.

I’m having the same issue. I have two PS3 sticks and can’t configure both to work with SFV at the same time. They are both recognized as player 1 at the same time. My XBOX stick and Xbox Controller work just fine as advertised though -_-

That’s because this is an xinput game. It’s been that way in every beta and in most modern non-fighting games. You shouldn’t expect anything but 360/xbo peripherals to work. They might patch it in later but they’ll do a bad job. Just use xbox peripherals on PC and save yourself the heartache.

Ho God T_T
Does anyone use a joystick encoder board (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Zero-Delay-Arcade-USB-Encoder-PC-to-joystick-for-MAME-Fight-Stick-Controls-/251241991403) ?
Maybe i can change my iPac² to this, but I see a lot of joystick who don’t working on Sf5, so I need to find someone tried it before I’ll buy.

Thank you for your clarification. Looks like I will need to XBOX sticks huh??? ;____; aiya

With Direct input it won’t be an issue soon.

But why not help me take it a step further?

Darn. I came in here hoping to find something. Sucks. Hope to find something soon.
EDIT: x360ce to the rescue for using 2 controllers. Just stick it in your steamapps ->common->sfv->sfv->binaries->win64 folder

X360ce is the rescue for who using gamepad not keyboard.
X360ce developers said they will never support keyboard binding to X360ce… don’t know why.

The only hope is the people who made a Mod from x360ce for Sf4 = 2 player on keyboard. I earn that Sf4 got the same issue when he was launched. Damn Capcom never learn.
This patch name x36kb : http://files.arcadecontrols.com/details.php?image_id=3610
Can someone find the man who did this and try to ask him to do it again for SF5 ?

I need to use Vjoy and x360ce. I’d tried vjoy last week but I didn’t download the full package, maybe only the virtual driver or an alternate version… HUGE mistake !

What you need is =
VJoy Virtual Joystick Driver v1.2 (Includes key to joy application)

steps =
1- install Vjoy
2- Configure 2 virtual joystick
3- Copy x360ce in steam/steamapps/common/streetfighterV/binairie/win64
4- Launch x360ce and configure 2 x360 virtal gamepad
5- Launch the game

I must do some more test, but it’s a very huge step to solve this problem ! :slight_smile:

By the way, x360ce fully work with SF5, I sur someone who know how to mod x360ce, can built the same patch as for SF4 so we can skip using Vjoy.

jimbo; can you describe more your solution ?
2. do you configure all button in vjoy ? I suppose you press the “enabled” button
3. 4. I have 3 devices detected mini ipac and 2 vjoy, do you have to change the order ? my ipac is device 1.
what should i do to configure the 2 X vjoy in x360 ?

did you more test ? is is wkorking ?

I used to have a joystick encoder in my cabinet and x360ce was perfect with SFV
now with keyboard encoder (ipac) it is a nightmare…
please help

The Ultimarc PS2/360 adaptors work with the IPAC2 and will give you two player capability in SFV. I’ve also had success with them MKX, Injustice, and MAME. They have a switch so you can use them as either XInput or DInput. With the adaptors, you only plug them into your USB connection, and do not run a USB cable directly from the IPAC2 to the USB connection, except during the initial programming step or firmware update.

but with ps2-360 you just play with ps2-360 controler… you cannot play with your arcade stick

I have, as of yet, been unable to get VJoy and x360ce to allow the iPac4 that I have to work with SFV.
It’s highly likely that I’m not doing something correctly, but it’s just so damn infuriating that Capcom hasn’t allowed this to be an option on PC natively.
USFIV works just fine, and I need no third party mess…

I’ll keep trying and searching and post what I’m able to find here, if anything.