[PC Version] Any way to permanently assign xbox360 controllers to each player? "REWARD OFFERED"

Me and the missus have been playing Ultra Street Fight 4 for a few months now, and her being a novice alway allow her to play as Player 1 and I play with a 75% handicap. However, I’m a bit too impatient and jumpy when it comes to the character selection menu and often press the button on my controller first making my controller the Player 1 controller. This is really bothersome as either we have to constantly swap controllers or I have to play as Player 1 which really screws up our Win/Loss ratios.

For the love of all things holy, is there a way I can permanently assign Controller 1 to Player 1 and Controller 2 to Player 2 so that this doesn’t keep happining. At first it was just a little annoying but it is really escalating to the point where we are getting really frustrated with the game. I don’t care if I have to install mods, use programs like xpadder or just about anything… It is really really frustrating the hell out of both of us. I never want to be Player 1 and she never wants to be Player 2, there are only 2 people playing so there’s no ‘round robin’ system in play.

Please help PLEASEEEEE… There’s a US$5 paypal donation in it for anyone with a viable working solution (I’d pay more but I’m a poor ass and that’s a lot of money to me, well not a lot but enough), I’ll even up it to US$10 if someone can get me a solution within a week of this post…