PC Version Multiplayer


Im thinking about getting Street Fighter x Tekken for the pc next week and i want to know something before i buy it which is i heard a couple of months back that the multiplayer was having trouble with lag and sound etc… does anybody play it now multiplayer wise and has the problems been sorted yet? Im hoping it has otherwise i’ll have to play single player only and play multiplayer on SFIV or SSFIVAE, i have both and love them, anyway could someone let me know if its been sorted, nice one.


i say hold on until patch is released. nothing has been fixed, pc version is still stuck on 1.02


oh ok, i’ll just stick to the single player then untill it gets fixed, thanks for the reply


I know this has kinda been answered. But in all honesty just don’t get the game… at all… I love the game, enjoy it, but my god Multiplayer is barely playable at the best of times, and none of the balance changes are in, and considering 2013 is right around the corner for consoles… MAN I wanna slap capcom.

Also as a note, Steam have the DLC, they have the Patch, what Microsoft is saying is complete bullshit (I need to remember where I saw this link, but there’s a website where you can check the status of stuff, my friend linked me it, but more to the point the Patch and DLC characters are on the steam servers so I don’t know what the fuck is taking them so long…)


If you can get it real cheap, do it. I wouldn’t get it at full price though.


The patch has been released. Perhaps now’s the time for you to give it a shot. It’s only one edition behind the console versions, until Tuesday that is.


meh, except for some uncalled for bryan nerfs, 1.07 is fairly minor.


PC patch is out. Mixed reviews on netcode? Personally I am still in a lobby now with full Europeans and I am having zero lag stuttering so far. I am in NYC, doing my link team combos and people are doing the same thing to me and no stutters.


I think 1.07’s main purpose is cross-compatibility with the Vita. I remember it was released as the same time as the Vita version.


Don’t buy it. The online teleport lag is horrible. Only people who take advantage of it can even win.


Im gonna buy it because its really cheap anyways and i can play single player untill the lag and sound has been sorted, it looks really good on pc. @SUPARNOVA thats good to hear, no lag :slight_smile:


oooh it will lag, it will stutter, and if you’re playing with a friend in a team it will desync in very strange ways…