PC version must have features?

Popular ideas so far:
[] Being able to use v-sync/triple buffering without insane input lag
] The ability to plug controllers/sticks in and out of your PC without having to restart the entire game
[] Expanded graphics options
] Proper support for multiple resolutions and aspect ratios
[] In-game chat (essential for PS4-PC communication)
] Benchmark tool
[] Ability to select which controller is your player 1 or player 2 controller
] Dinput Support
[] Multiple Keyboard Support
] Cross-Buy (personally don’t see how this is possible with Steam and Sony)

I’d love an input configuration that even slightly resembles USF4 on console.

Secondly, an easy color editor (people are going to mod skins anyway).

Third, maybe crossover ownership. If they’re allowing cross-play, then it seems fair that if you own the game on PS4, you can also play on PC and vice versa (like what’s happening with KI).

Cross-ownership sounds great, but I wouldn’t be too sad if it didn’t happen.
I like the first two suggestions though, I hate having to play with screen tear on pc and having to restart when I forgot to plug my stick in.

PC port on 4 was good but it had flaws that are a bit too glaring.

To get the lowest input lag you had to know exactly what to set.

You know what else they need? A fucking chatbox.
Your only means to communicate on Steam is talking or befriending.
A short written “gg” or “fuck you cheap cunt” goes a long way in my opinion.

Some sort of communication system for PC <-> PS3 compatibility.
Robust graphics tweak options supporting 16:9 and 16:10 ratios.
Ability to disable / enable most graphical tweaks such as V-sync.
However do not include a variable frame rate option like SF4 had. It is good for weak computers but it causes glitches as the game is designed to run specifically at 60FPS.
A benchmark tool
Ability to select which controller is your player 1 or player 2 controller.
Direct Input support rather than XInput

Non-essential stuff that I really think PC version should have
Hitbox viewer (should be on console too)
Graphical Mod support with steam workshop integration.
Gameplay mod support that allows multiplayer but locks you out of ranked and de-syncs you if your opponent has different files than you do.
A “Jukebox” player allowing you to play the music from the game or select your own music to play.

Editing costumes with picture, icon, badge and paint options.
Different hair styles not locked to specific costumes.

Steam trading cards.

Cross ownership would be awesome!
Microsoft is doing this for KI. If you own it on XB1 you’ll only need to download it on PC and vise versa.
It’d be great, considering I’ve decided to get a PS4 but I’d also like to have it on Steam, call me nuts but hey I bought the SF4 series 6 times. across 3 systems

You don’t have to restart USFIV for plugging/unplugging X360 controllers though. At least it works for my Q4RAF in xbox mode, but not while set to PC/PS3 mode.
I feel like it works the same way for some other games too?

No, other games, like Skullgirls will just detect any controller whether or not it’s in XBox or PC/PS3 mode.

That’s pretty essential IMO. SF5’s training mode needs to be at least as in depth as KI’s and should strive to be even better. But this is Capcom we’re writing about.

More like this is the Japanese we’re talking about. When was the last time that you saw a Japanese 2D fighting game developer show their hitboxes in training mode?

just being a stable running game on steam would make people really happy

Good support for 4:3 screens. SF4 did a good job with this (you can see the characters’ feet above the super meters, and you get a better view during aerial moves), so I just hope they don’t drop the ball with SF5.

  1. Be well optimized. Poor optimization can make even a game with meager visuals not run well.
  2. Everything released (new patches, DLC, the game) same time as the PS4 version

Nude skins.

I think the only thing that may not be is #2 and not for any technical reason. PC isn’t a “port” it’s being built on PS4 and PC natively.

Know what the last made for PC game was from Capcom Japan? DMC4, the god of optimization.

Yeah we need to be on Capcom about a chat box for the PC version, i’m gonna message Matt and Peter on twitter about that, please do the same :slight_smile: Tired not being able to tell someone they suck after they beat me once cause of lag or a lucky ultra, then they know it was luck, so they beat me once and leave without giving me my run back. O_O

I could see them not including a chat box, cause it could actually be more detrimental than helpful. Obviously there will be a bunch of trolls/flamers, and that will scare off the more casual players who won’t want to deal with that.

Maybe you’ll have to friend someone before u can chat. However then people could friend someone just so they could flame them. I think a good option would be just to make it optional. You can have it turned off, meaning u wouldn’t receive any messages, other players can’t send you anything. Or u can turn it on and have the lines of communication open.