PC version of GGXX#R

Just got mine installed and running yesterday.

I must say, I’m very pleased so far.

I run Win XP, 800mhz P3, 128m of RAM, GeForce 256 (32 MB).

I have 3 gamepads, all USB. Two are Saitek 10 button + rumble/analog and one is a Thrust Master 12 button.

I highly recommend a Saitek to anyone who does a lot of gaming on their computer. It’s cheap, durable, and works perfectly. It’s set up in a 6 button + 2 shoulder buttons configuration, so it’s nice for SF games, too. You can get it at a local computer hardware store. I got mine at GT Computers, but they should also sell them at Comp USA and Best Buy.

The installation wasn’t much of a hassle. The graphics are very crisp and run smoothly (appears to be running at 60fps without frame skipping). The sound seems to be arcade perfect. And it has all the features of the console version.

The controlls were incredibly easy to set up in the set-up menu and the options menu (in-game). It recognized my pads no problem.

The best feature is the ability to disable the BGM. I like the BGM and all, but it’s nice to disable it and run an MP3 in the background while you play. :slight_smile:

Anyone else purchase their copy yet? Comments?

Is it just my computer, or is this game supposed to be this slow…?

Try enabling/disabling V-Sync.

I have V-Sync box checked (enabled), and BGM disabled. I also run it windowed.

Runs fine for me.

That seemed to help a lot. Thanks.

I know this might sound stupid, but how do you run it while windowed? It also runs fine for me, unless I have unneccesary files running.

Run the config.exe file and in the very first tab in the upper left corner, there’s an option for “Windowed” (under video). Check that box and it should run in a window instead of full screen.

It seems to run a little better windowed. I’m able to have mozilla, trillian, IRC, winamp, and windows explorer run while GGXX#R is running windowed.

awww, yeah! thanks man

Where can I get GGX2 #R?

I’m having a sound problem when running it. Sometimes the sound will partially cut out. I think it’s a DirectX problem, but I don’t know how to remedy it. Help?

EDIT: Nevermind, updating my sound drivers fixed that main problem. Still having this odd thing happen with the sound, though. Like, voices on 1P side are louder for some reason. =/

Are your speakers balanced properly?

Oh, and has anybody noticed any glaring differences between GGXX#R on the PS2 and the PC? Because I’m doing all my practice on the PC, but I’d hate to have my stuff not transfer over.

Where can I get this for PC?

My speakers are fine. I’m not experiencing this problem with any other program, and I checked the balance in volume settings, it’s fine. It’s also sort of random how the volume changes, sometimes P2’s voice is quiet, sometimes P1’s is.

The only thing I noticed gameplay-wise between the two versions of #R is that if you have a good computer, #R runs very quickly. It feels a little faster than the PS2 version. Other than that, I haven’t noticed anything.

The game is damn sweet. Perfect resolution, works great with PS2->USB adapter :wink:

My favorite part is that I get to customize the music!! No more Robo-Ky chirps :smiley:

EDIT: BTW b.o.f., you guys need to come down for Ice’s b’day tournament. It’s on October 9thin case you forgot :wink:

I read that if you’re having sound problems, then you need to install the sound add-on patches.

If you did that already, try getting the latest DirectX, updating your sound card drivers, and check your sound balance in windows (and speakers, if you use those).

Aside from that, the only other explaination I can think of would be that the voices get quieter when they are on one side of the screen or the other (in the corner). Like a fade out/distance effect.

But personally, I haven’t noticed anything wrong with the sounds so far.

As for differences, I’m having a little bit of trouble doing Baikens air dash after air dust in her corner B&B. But it could just be me…

For those of you asking where to get it: Either go and buy it, because Sammy deserves their money, or take it to PM.

Could it be a stereo or monural problem, i used to have the problem for games on the saturn, i know this aint a saturn i just thought i’d mention it

Do you have to buy it directly from Sammy or should I be able to find it at say EB?

Question to those who use PS2 -> USB adapter. Do you experience any type of input delay?

I use a PS2 -> USB adapter for Kawaks (even without online play), and there’s a noticeable input delay…

Where can one buy this?

If its not an official sony dual shock (which has microcontrollers and junk on board), its gonna lag on a converter.

GGXX #R for PC is only released in Japan. Have to buy it from an import shop if you want a legal copy. (like http://shop.himeya.com/ )

I found it here too: http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-7s-77-1-15-Guilty+Gear-70-9f4-43-a.html