PC version of GGXX#R

Just to update: I was wrong about windowed mode.

Some levels run faster than others, which is how I got confused. The game actually runs a lot better for me in full screen mode with colors set to “high color”, and V-Sync enabled.

And yeah, what Seerd said.

Also; if you want a USB pad, I think Saiteks run for about $15 to $20 US at Best Buy.

Ducky also recommends MS Sidewinders off E-Bay or Gravis gamepads :

^ I agree. Arcade sticks usually cost an arm and a leg to purchase. I’m rather content with my pad, personally.

The radio shack PS2>>USB converter works fine, no lag or anything. I’ve tried both my stick and ps2 pad on it, both work with no lag whatsoever.

The adapter is only 10 bucks too.

What kind of stick do you have? The Radioshack converter definetly has problems with my stick, which uses a PCB from a PSX controller.

Soldering was also sketchy on my converter. Had to resolder 2 things.

My stick has a sony dual shock 1 pcb. I think it has to be a dual shock for the converter to work laglessly, or so i was informed by dreadedfist, the guy who built my stick.

What am I supposed to do at this point of the installation_

The top-right button lets you decide where to install it. Otherwise, I didn’t do anything besides click “next”.

So… Anyone knows how to cap videos for this version? I can probably see an increase in match vids/combo movies since it’s already on the PC and it’s just a cap + edit affair now… And it’s cheaper too. :smiley:

That would be sweet. :o

Some one would have to hack the game, though. I think any external program(s) that you used to do it would lag the computer/game. So, the recording process would have to be internal, and just record data like an emulator does (rather than capturing frame by frame).

I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon, but it would be so cool if some one did it.

I’m having some problems with running my copy. After i click the .exe, the game loads up, displays the opening movie, then if i press start at the GGXX#R screen, it crashes. It also crashes if i let it go into demo mode. The music and the character photos for the demo fight load, but after about 2 seconds of the sprites being on screen(which i would approximate is when the intro animations appear), it crashes.

Anyone know of what i should do to fix this?

Sorry this is late, but… Now that I think of it. Have you gone into the options menu in-game and adjusted the Voice and Sound Effects options?

Try turning the Voices up and the SFX down. And I also recommend the BGM to be a lower volume than the SFX as well.

According to what I’ve read:

If you ‘downloaded it’; then you also need to download the sound and music add-ons.

If you purcased it and it’s the full version; then you may need to get the latest version of DirectX and/or upgrade your sound card and video card drivers.

get a screen capture program like snagit

i ripped the midnight carnival fmv and it worked fine

But how does it work when you’re actually playing?

Doesn’t the game lag while it’s running?

Can you actually play a real match without huge lag and slow downs?

what are the minimum cpu requirements for this game??

I think i might give it a shot.

Just got this last night.

Id recommend it to anybody who is interested in picking it up. It is a very nice port :wink:

Does anybody know how to get the different paths in story mode?

I can’t seem to figure out. Sometimes when I play I beat path 1, other times I beat path 2.

Thanks in advance!

The story mode is the same as it was for the console version of XX.

Try GameFaqs.

[Edit]: Here it is: ttp://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/guilty_gear_xx_story.txt

Add the “h” at the beginning of the URL.

anyone unlocked all the colors yet if so post the savedata.dat file please i did it for xx on ps2 but way to lazy on this one

I just noticed that there is an option for frame skipping in the configuration program (config.exe).

The first box is “Video” and has options for “Windowed”, “Full Screen (High color)” and “Full Screen (True color)”.

The box below it is for “advanced” and has a check box for “Wide Screen”.

The box below that I believe is for frame skipping and has two options. The option on the right enables frame skipping. When enabled, it speeds up the game during otherwise slow points. I noticed that when fighting Eddie vs Robo Ky, mine slows down a little, especially when I’m hitting Robo Ky. With frame skipping enabled, the game actually speeds up instead of slowing down.

People with slow down issues should give it a try.


Everything is unlocked, including all the mission art, arcade ending art, and story mode art. Plus all the EX modes and SP colors.

My options are not default, though. So be sure and go into the options screen and adjust everything in-game.

the installation can’t find the files in my computer and i have the files on my HD and i’m using daemon tools can someone help me?