PC version of MvC3 what do you think about it?


OK guys hi at all.

I want to ask you guys would you like to have a PC version of MvC3

in my opinion it would be great because they are programing it on PC so there wont be to many troubles to make a PC version of it and it wont cost them to much money.
even though capcom made a SF4 version for PC and it was kind of a success.

so what do you think about a PC version of MvC3.


i’d love it. i still do not think it’ll happen simply because it won’t sell that well.


unfortunatelly i think so too RayK. i dont want to or better to say i dont have the money to buy a Xbox360


I’d buy 2 fucking copies and all DLC.


Sure, why not. I wasn’t too impressed with the PC online community for SSF4 (and, this being Marvel, the base is going to be even smaller) but seeing all the costumes people made on youtube was pretty fun.


what there are costumes? for what game? SSF4 of MvC3?


about as possible as Capcom releasing MVC3 for free…

same thing in this case.


From how Capcom’s been acting with their PC releases lately, I think that they feel that they’ve been burned with the past few releases and wont be releasing alot of games, especially those that aren’t in traditional PC genres, anytime soon.


I’m for a PC version but only in the sense that the frame data and hit box display would be almost immediately available. I really do hope they release it on PC so we can have access to the actual game files to break down the game better\faster.


Though i know is unlikely we will see it, i would always support a PC version of not only MvC3, but any other fighting game ever released simply because the PC is a universal controller compatible platform… Plus they do look better on a high end PC, but mostly because of the joystick compatibly advantages.


I’d buy it.


i’d buy it. Apparently when BlazBlue hits PC it will have PC vs 360 on-line support, which would be great and open up a large on-line community. I wonder if you could have dedicated game servers which would reduce lag considerably.

Also, if you had a good PC you could probably up the resolution and play it in ultra high res etc etc :slight_smile:


definitely love it.


I’d be down for a PC version.


I’d like it.
They’d never do it after their past PC failures.
The End.


Dedicated servers would do nothing for a genre that works on peer-to-peer network topology. In fact, it might make things worse since you now have to worry about two connections (your connection tot he server and your opponents connection to the server).


Hasn’t that always been a factor? If my connection sucks it’s unlikely I’m going to get good games… :confused:


It’s actually my only hope. I don’t have a PS3 or a 360…


Capcom won’t even give us pc dwellers super. I doubt MVC3 will hit pc.

Maybe 10 years from now when pcs are so advanced they can emulate a ps3, then I will play.


You also have to factor in the time it takes to send the data to the server and then sending it to the other guy. Also, do you really want to play on a server that’s hundred if not thousands of miles away, against a guy who might live in he same county as you? For all you know, you could get a better connection direct to the other guy than to the server.