PC version "slower" or less fluent than PS3 version?

Hi guys
I am playing SF4AE on PC and on PS3. I really have the feeling that the PS4 Version overall plays more fluently and dynamic. I don’t know if it is faster but the responsiveness is somehow better. Has anybody noticed that as well? My PC setup should be fine I have an up to date PC and a stable high frame rate. So it is not about performance issues, but perhaps it is the port?
Thanks in advance for your oppinions

PC is fine for me feels the same as 360 maybe even better.

I have never played on PS3 so can not comment on that part.

Turn prerendered frames to 0(1) if Nvidia, or Flip queue to 0 via RadeonPro if AMD. Turn off vsync. See if that helps?

Late edit: Flip queue ought to be on 1 if Windows Vista or later.

I have both and PC plays significantly better, so I’d say it’s probably a setting. Vsync is often a big part of it.

I use vsync seems fine to me.

It’s generally accepted that PC runs at least 1 frame faster than PS3 (same as arcade and about 1 or so frames behind 360).

I got the game for PC and PS3 and the PC version had a little bit of input delay at first. But then I heard you should turn off V-sync in the game options and just activate it in your driver settings.
This way, you still have V-sync but no input delay. Well at least this was my experience.

Really? I thought PC is as good or better than 360. As I mentioned before you can generally further reduce input lag in all games by turning down pre-rendered frames in addition to disabling vsync…

Edit: Eh, I can only find scores of conflicting reports about lag. Some say PS3 is closest to arcade while 360 and PC are 1 frame faster, some say PS3<PC/Arcade<360, some say PS3<360=<PC/Arcade, some say they’re actually the same, some say 1 frame here and there, some say 2 frames. No doubt the disparity is exacerbated by the massive differences across monitors and tvs, and the settings and setups used by different pc users too. Would be great if someone with all three platforms could film the input lag, using optimal settings on PC and the same monitor conected via HDMI for all three.

PS3 consistently lags between 1 and 3 frames more than X360.

In my personal experience, the original arcade cabinet is the best platform, followed by PC/PS3. The lag on PS3 is very noticeable. Strangely enough, some arcade cabinets also lag!


The lag on the PS3 makes the already slow game seem slow as molasses. Just throwing my two cents in. Our locals had the Xbox version and I enjoyed playing it there… Then I bought a PS3… Nahhhhhh son.

But Evo was played on Ps3 right? It can’t be that bad.

You say your PC “should be fine”, but have you even checked that you’re consistently getting 60 frames in game? If you’re not, turn your GFX settings down until you are. VSYNC should be off. The game should be run fullscreen for best performance. It is definitely the best version.

Ive played a lot on the arcade version, when our arcade was open (now closed) which was on CRT lag free monitors.
It was a huge difference compared to the PC version which I play.

Im not surprised there’s lag on arcade versions because they are running on windows XP PCs (Taito X),
which can have different monitors and setups.

I’ve got it on PS3 but haven’t played much & I’ve played bit on Xbox 360 in our games center which use pseudo
setups (bought from the arcade which closed).

They hooked it up on a CRT monitor and once on the LCD and my opinion was even the XBox 360
version was laggy compared to the arcade version which I had played a lot.

So it all version are inferior to the arcade version on a CRT for me. But inconclusive unless there’s a proper
scientific test which includes the arcade version using a slow motion camera.

Indeed, you’d need more than player experience to confirm the numbers. I’m not saying I don’t believe you, it’s just monitors have such a huge variety of input lag numbers themselves. And nothing modern natively supports VGA CRT anyway, so it’s all digital - it renders the CRT input lag advantage null. The best you could get is to use a ~5ms digital monitor for consoles and PC. Player reports are nice and all but my 2009 HDMI TV literally has more than 60ms more input lag than my 2012 DVI monitor. It’s almost worthless comparing notes over the internet without a controlled test.

you could have weak computer / vsync on / framerate not on fixed / laggy monitor
pc is the version with least input lag if you have it set up right

OP you didnt even post your grade and average frame rate.

So I’ve been playing around with different configurations and I’m finally satisfied with my results.

I found that switching from HDMI to DVI made a big difference.
Also, I’m using my monitor’s native resolution (1920x1080), that probably helps reduce the lag too.

I got Pre-Rendered frames set to 1, Triple buffering and Vsync set to on in the Nvidia control panel.

Running off a 3770k and GTX 560ti, all settings maxed, it feels very very close to XBOX360.

That means your monitor has unnecessary HDMI post processing.

Yeah I suppose, it’s an Asus VH236H.

It feels only 1 frame laggier than XBOX360. On Win7 now, will have to test it out on XP when I get some time.

Turn all the graphics settings to lowest and experiment with the framerate settings.
I own both versions now and the pc version plays way superior even though my pc is total ass.