PC version vs PS3?


So I read about the AE sale on Amazon, and I was wondering if I would be better off with the PC or PS3 version. From what I understand, the PC version has some glitches, but is cheaper and (supposedly) has better online.

The only thing I don’t really know is do a good number of people still play AE on PC? At varying skill levels too? Cause from my experience with Skullgirls, I don’t want ANOTHER game where finding a decent match online takes 5 minutes.


PS3 SF4 has input lag and as such is ugh. PC doesn’t and online is better.
Playerbase on PC is good enough, though I don’t know whether that’s only the case for Europe, or US too. PS3 is probably bigger though? Don’t know.
PC version doesn’t have any glitches? Don’t know what you’re referring to.
PC version is still a bugfix behind, but that patch is coming… soonish… probably.


I own a ssf4ae pc version. So far the online matches is really great compared o ps3 version (i own sfxt in ps3). To find an open match in sfxt takes atleast 5 minutes wait. If found a march less than 3 minutes consider yourself lucky.

With pc the wait is not that long just set your search to all attributes to any. You can filter the rounds and time. Normally the people play 3 rounds 99 time. Only players who play cheap or wants to rack up their pp would set 1 round and 30 time. But you rarely see then online.

Hope this helps


Please don’t compare AE online 2 SFxT online. I have AE 4 PS3 and I get matches instantly if ur waiting 5 minutes 2 find 1 match in SFxT i feel sorry for u but we do not have that problem on PS3 AE


Well yeah sfxt really sucks i also hated it. When i played ae i really wanna trade my sfxt for a different game


ae pc online is pretty bad.
i’ve played on xbl,ps3,pc.

i think the comp on AE pc is lackluster compared to XBL as well.




EVO starting to catchup with PC



Please don’t make statement based on personal experience :).
I find matches within a minit on PC, but on my friend PS3 (my neighbor) it’s at least 2 minits, also we can’t “quick match” and have to create a room every time cause it fails, every time. And man… loading bar every time you hit a button is silly. But this could be resolved by hosting the game on his hdd I guess.

Sorry if you can’t find the good players on PC but there’s a shitload in US zone.

And enough e-peen now, it’s ok on all 3 platform, on PC it’s faster than ps3, it’s better looking with a nice 2560 x 1440 px screen resolution, it’s on a PC so you have access to some incredible tools, mods graphics, sound, macro trainer, it works on Laptop too… work and keep playing, easy match recording, etc. (and free online).

Some nice points for PC version over the others.


Is the PS3 input lag still an issue with SSFIV:AE post-2012 patch?




Enough to impact play? (Presumably not as they used PS3’s at EVO?)


ugh the comp on the pc is weak so far I mean day one vanilla bad. don’t listen to the op the 1 frame lag thing if you go from ps3 to pc isn’t even noticeable


how do you define competition? for most players PC level play should suffice. Not everyone wants to be a pro.


There are better players in endless matches than ranked. Ranked is about impossible to find anyone with points these days.


Many people on consoles have the PC version (and Vice Versa) so its highly likely your playing the same people… its easy to see, just look at other peoples profiles and see the games they are playing. So the competition is not “weak”.



That’s a case which you-won’t-believe-how-many-people are very unhappy with.


They’re both fine, but I prefer PC on games if I can. Better graphics, shorter loading times, less lag, more mods, etc. Competition is good on either. I find the input is good on console after I got those really good cables for my tv.


monitors affect input lag the most. at tournaments they use either crt or computer flatscreens as they have the closest to no latency in input. theres not much difference between console and pc except theres a modding community for pc


Yea, you need to get the right monitor and cable. My games play the same on both and they are both enjoyable. You want the best experience possible. Pick what you want. I have both myself, they are cheap.