PC: Volume level

I have set the volume in the game very low (3 or 4 bars), but yet, the volume is really high when I boot up the game

I thought it was just my imagination

But it seems it stays at full volume, until I “tab” out of the game window, and, for example to the Windows desktop, and then back to the game, where the volume will be what I have actually set it to

I hate all these problems and oddball-bugs in the PC version, and my cup is pretty soon full when it comes to patience. What’s worse is that Vanilla on PC was almost perfect but had a few negatives, which I hoped would be ironed out by AE, but no - we went the complete opposite way.

The personalized volume level will “begin” only when you press the start button… the intro (the voice “Super street fighter 4!”) and the cpu demo matches are at full volume…

I hate to be “that guy,” but I always recommend keeping Windows at 100% volume and using an analog/in-line volume control. I know it doesn’t address your “OMG BUGS” issue, but just trying to focus on your immediate problem.

it’s not “OMG BUGS” so don’t try to belittle my issue. It’s the bug after bug after bug.

then it should, as anything else is illogical. Also, I did wait until I was well on my way to an online match before tabbing out, so the complaint remains

I wasn’t trying to “belittle” your issue, just summarize. I just wasn’t sure if this thread was made to complain, or if it was made because you wanted to find a solution to your volume issue… sorries.

… and remember, words to live by from one of the FGC’s best:

*“If you’re stuck complaining/whining/crying about games, game companies, characters, match ups, tiers etc, you won’t get any better.” - *Daniel “Clockwork” Magiano

I posted the same post on the Capcom forum, but I’m not counting on a fix because I have filed many other complaints to them before too. However, I had to let everybody know of yet another freaking, oddball issue in this game… but it seems nobody really cares about the overall quality, as “we’re just lucky there’s a PC-port”. What’s just really annoying is that the Vanilla port was much better… Anyway, thanks Princess for the tip.

The best way is when you start the game hit the windows command on keyboard then go to your task bar right click on volume mixer,open mixer and there should be a streetfighter sound bar move it up and down to the level that you like.

I imagine that people care more about the quality of the gameplay itself… which makes sense. It’s about 30x harder to make something work successfully on PC without bugs as there are so many hardware/software configurations you have to worry about during the development process.

In other words, the reason PC games will be more buggy than console games boils down to things like, “You don’t have to worry what antivirus software is running in the background on a PS3.” So yes, you’re correct in your “we’re just happy we got a version” scenario. I empathize with your sentiment, but none of the “bugs” get in the way of core gameplay, or else you can bet people (especially on this site) would be breaking out the pitchforks and torches faster than you can say “u mad bro?”

the game itself is fine, but there a load of minor and major issues that all add up to a less than ideal gaming experience. If you’re happy, then that’s great.


i know what this guy means, i nearly crap myself everytime i load up the game with headphones in and always bang the volume down key immediatly after the BOOM! but it does nothing lol.

I agree, capcom wasnt smart enough to have volume options take effect untill after the system blasts “SF @#$@#$” , after you press start.

Just one more @#$ @#$ that wouldnt have been allowed if I were in charge.
Nor does my fightstick recognize untill after I press Start. which means I cant press start with my fight stick.

more retarded failures by DEVS that clearly dont actually PLAY the game.