[PC] Wanna keep playing the Beta? HERES HOW!

Ok before anything I myself can confirm it works been playing for like 2 hours, and just recently Karin and Rashid have been unlocked including the Kanzuki Estate. Note you can only train which for us hardcore fans is not a problem lol

Ok so here is the link I used to download the game and the crack file to be able to play just simply follow the instructions: MOD EDIT: Link removed!

In this thread they also have guides to unlock characters and they are working on unlocking the colors for the characters so keep an eye on it: MOD EDIT: Link removed!

I do not deserve any credit i am simply sharing their great an hard work for us to be able to play the beta :slight_smile: ENJOY EVERYONE p.s Karin is Waifu!!

This is illegal. What the fuck is wrong with you?

Piracy talk is not allowed here and is potentially ban worthy I believe. I suggest to edit and blank out that post bro.

Somebody be the good Samaritan and just copy/pasta to everybody’s PM.