PC: What chain stores will be selling SSF4 AE on the 5th?

Just checked Gamestop and it’s not even listed as a release. I’d like a physical copy, but also want to play on the first day. Anyone know of any retail chain stores besides gamestop I can buy this at? If there aren’t any, I’ll just buy the downloadable version…

Also, I live in the US.

I’d guess Best Buy (well, Vanilla PC was sold there) but yeah who knows, I am getting a physical copy of AE PC from Amazon.com either way so I won’t play PC version on day one (my copy will be regular shipping) but anyway I guess I have my PS3 version to tide me over.

Amazon is the only place I’ve seen selling physical copies period.

Capcom store too

Has anyone seen this thing in a physical retail store? Can’t find the damn thing anywhere.

There are NO retailers selling the physical copy in stores. Sven answered a question about it and said that every major retailer opted not to carry it due to the majority of players interested in digital download. Only the Capcom store is selling it…or you can order the European version from cdwow.com, but it doesnt release until the 15th. Hope this helps

^Amazon has it too, not just Capcom Store

Im located in UK - pre ordered the PC AE version on Amazon ages ago, they still not estimated delivery date.
Does anyone know when will amazon start sending them?

the whole thing is becoming more of a joke every day…I bought the original SF 2 years ago but now Im just tempted to cancel Amazon order, download pirated version, play once and forget about this game.
Looks like the only people Capcom never fails to dissapoint is the hardcore loyal fans.

That is a question for Amazon, not us. How would Capcom be responsible for Amazon not shipping to you?

Actually yeah, it looks like UK version doesn’t even ship until the 15th. (http://www.bee.com/games/pc/fighting/super-street-fighter-iv-arcade-edtion-pc/?utm_source=aw&utm_medium=affiliates&utm_campaign=bee&awc=3175_1309459507_62cd1471331e5e442ff914b52eea9df9) So what is the issue?