PC: What controller do you use?

So, good people of SRK, help me out with a bit of statistics: what is your choice of controller for PC fighting games? I’m not merely asking out of curiosity, I’m also working on a fighting game engine, so this would be useful information. And rather than just speculation, some hard data would be nice.

(Posted in this sub-forum because at this point, SF4 is about as mainstream as PC fighting games are going to get. Feel free to move it elsewhere if deemed necessary, though.)

Genuine Sega Saturn pad.

X/Y/Z: :lp: :mp: :hp:
A/B/C: :lk: :mk: :hk:
R-trigger: :3p:
Start: :3k:

L-trigger: menu

X360 Super Street Fighter IV Fightpad

Custom Xbox360 Fight Stick

Xbox360 SF4 Round 2 Stick

Madcatz X360 TE S Arcadestick.

Madcatz Tournament Edition Arcadestick xbox360

I use this.