[PC] What controller do you use?


So, good people of SRK, help me out with a bit of statistics: what is your choice of controller for PC fighting games? I’m not merely asking out of curiosity, I’m also working on a fighting game engine, so this would be useful information.

(Hopefully this is in the proper subforum now, ha. But as before, feel free to move it elsewhere if deemed necessary, though.)


I think you may have asked in the wrong place, because 90% of us are going to answer “Arcade Stick,” and skew your results quite a bit. Most of the regulars prefer them.

However, this is definitely an appropriate forum. I just feel that it’s going to skew your sample a good bit.


keyboard with right hand :slight_smile:


I use an arcade stick or 6 button pad… Mostly Stick though.


Arcade stick is my choice. I use my Mame Cabinet for the older games. The newer stuff it has trouble on, I break out the TE.

Your results will be very skewed as almost everyone here either purchased or has built an arcade stick.