PC: Will you buy SSF4 AE?

I bought the original SF4 the day it was released on the PC (I’m not a console-guy) and I was thrilled! The community was extremely alive I would generally find a game in under a minute… at least for the first few months.

But things got stale… various glitches were not fixed, multiplayer problems plagued the game, GFWL was fucking horrible to use… some people even used hacks and trainers and the leaderboards were hacked as well. Most importantly, weaker characters (like Vega) were not buffed and God-tier Sagat remained overpowered.

Not a single patch was released to help balance any of the imbalances/glitches in the game whatsoever and as a PC user I was very disappointed (as a PC-RTS gamer I’m used to regular patches from developers).

About 9-12 months after it’s release the community was practically dead, my friends list of 50+ people had now became painfully inactive…

so although I’m excited about the release of SSF4 for PC I’m also concerned that Capcom will continue to completely neglect this community as they did with SF4 (for PC at least).

I’m interested to hear about how the PC community feels about it all?

First of all, I’m not a PC-gamer, I’m a console gamer, but I still bought SFIV for PC, and will buy AE too.

SFIV had one balance update on console, and I believe it was included in PC SFIV, which fixed Rose being able to reflect her own projectiles, made Fei Long’s HK chicken wing slower, and made Akuma able to grab after air QCF+P -> lvl.2 FA, probably other minor glitches as well. Other than that, SFIV didn’t get any updates to the actual gameplay until Super iirc.

AE probably won’t get any updates, unless something broken is found. Quite sure Capcom said so themselves.

I will buy AE for PC as well because of a few reasons:
-Being able to play with more people.
-Being able to mod the game, rip sound files etc.
-Being able to record in HD.

The “patch” was SSF4, which dropped 9 months after Vanilla did on PC. This lead to PC SF4’s decline, as many PC players are dual-platform (PC + 360/PS3).

Don’t really expect any patches for AE either, beyond fixes any clearly-broken issues … if at all.

Anyway … I’ll be getting it day one on XBL, but my Steam preorder is already in.

Already have my pre-order on D2D, just waiting for the release day to start playing.

Yeah, the patch was SSF4… but I kinda felt Capcom should have at least paid some attention to the PC community… we could not play SSF4 as they only released it for consoles due to ‘piracy concerns’.

Your saying that don’t expect any support from Capcom… yet your willingly going to buy/play the upcoming PC release? o.O

Am I crazy for expecting a patch from Capcom to help balance any of their PC games? It’s just common courtesy if you ask me. When you release a game, you support it.

There really aren’t many, if any, glitches in the game that actually prevent you from just playing the game, like preventing you progressing in the game.

How is it horrible? You auto sign in at the start, and that’s virtually the only time you need to use it. Even if you use it regularly to check up on players, or play with friends, then the interface is a bit clunky I admit, but it’s still perfectly usable.

I’ve been playing since launch. I don’t think I’ve ever come across someone who used any kind of trainer like an infinite life hack or anything.

Does the leaderboard contribute to the gameplay in any way whatsoever? Or are they just meaningless numbers that can be ignored?

While it’s kind of annoying that Super has taken so long to come out for PC, the fact is that Super is that balance patch. Maybe they had AE planned from the start, and that’s the reason they’ve decided to release it now on PC, instead of wasting their marketing and publishing budget on Super, and then even more money promoting AE.

It’s naive of you to expect the same support for a console port (and primarily a console developer), compared to the support from a PC developer.

I’ve been playing regularly every few weeks since release. I’ve rarely ever had trouble finding a match.

tl;dr - You’ve been spoiled by PC developers, expecting constant bug fixes and balance changes. You simply can’t expect this kind of support from a company who primarily deals with consoles.

Patch patch patch patch and balance complaints is all I hear nowadays from this generation of gamers. :frowning:

Just deal with it.

thanks for the replies. It helps me see things from a different perspective.

Capcom will own my wallet between AE DLC, the actual disc and PC version. So yes, I’m getting it. My unlocked 6950 will get to flex its muscles ;D

Don’t you mean download? Isn’t that how most PC SF4 players got their copy? lol

Hell Yes, buying it, preordered, will dl it day one. I just need help deciding between steam or D2D, im not sure if the steam extras are a good thing or bad thing yet.

get steam its way better.

also on steam theres a discount

I’m triple dipping as I did for the original SFIV.

Xbox360 DLC, PS3 DLC, PC steam.

ALTHOUGH… I am contemplating on preordering a disc version off Capcom Unity for the bobble heads (don’t ask me why, I am a sucker for collectibles).

I sure as hell won’t be getting it.

I bought SF4 on Steam. After a year of fans pleading and begging on forums to Capcom we are finally getting Super, yet they gouge the price of a year old game with 4 arguably boring characters added in.

It is just my opinion that after PC gamers had to practically BEG for it, wait over a year, and be a year behind in the competitive scene, we should be shown a better price. Console gamers have been allowed to enjoy the game for a year and they just have to upgrade their old game for $15 bucks (which I think is pretty damn pricey too).

Capcom said they didn’t give us Super on PC because we were pirates. Well, those of us who bought SF4 kind of contradicted that, so you think they would give much more of a favor to those guys than 10% off on Steam (which most of the time you get as a preorder bonus anyway).

The 10% discount on steam for owning SF4 is a slap in the face. Literally. I feel Ono’s handprint on my cheek.

Or you could’ve just bought a console if that’s how you feel. Capcom doesn’t owe you anything. SFIV WAS one of the most pirated games of 2009, whether you did it or not, of course Capcom feels they don’t want to give their product away for free again.

I’ll buy it.

Well man, I don’t know about you Mr. “I’m buying two copies for more achievements”, but I don’t got the kind of money to be dropping on a console for just one game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that you mention piracy… Capcom was the one that decided to use some dated version of GFWL protection that allowed you to use any GFWL key on the game in order to play online. That’s kinda their own fault, man.

And let’s be real here. If Capcom wanted to combat piracy, wouldn’t they reward those who actually bought SF4 with a better discount than 10% (you don’t even get 10% preorder bonus like you do in most games on digital distros.) So you think that the way to fight piracy is price gouging and crapping on your legitimate customers?

I have a 360 and ssf4 and will be getting AE on June 7th.

But am deffo getting on PC because I think the PC community is unique in terms of gaming. I think it nice to have 2 player bases ( 360 / PC ) So I could secretly practice on one and then blow up on the other. ALso my laptop is allow to play SF4 so if am traveling I can just plugin and play and I dont need a console to do so.

And on PC I can just tab out read up on a character am playing / change music etc etc.


capcom will never change, they will never make patches or fix glitches or give same importance to pc as console

but after 2 years of whine wars we got it so imabuying it

You don’t think AE is worth $36? The game is already released at a budget price, and it’s going to drop substantially over time. I can understand if Capcom doesn’t want to undercut themselves on the PC version, when a lot of PC-only players may not have bought a SFIV since it dropped on PC last time. PC Vanilla SFIV was released at $40 because it was a delayed release. This release may be budget priced, but it’s not nearly delayed, hence the $40 pricetag.

Anyways, the piracy situation was worse than other companies. Not only was it one of the most pirated titles of 2009, but have you seen what China had done with the PC version? They were putting out their own cheaper PC-based arcade boards that had all 25 characters instead of the 17 in Capcom’s product. Had their own arcade UI hacked right into the game.

That’s a serious danger to Capcom’s high-end Taito market, and I’d think it’d be more than enough to quash arcade owners desires for a Taito-based SSFIV when they could easily get a better and cheaper alternative from across the water. That kind of market hazard likely seeped into shareholder and CEO discussions. I could be wrong though, I really don’t know what the exact situation would be over there.

The more and more that gets digged up on the subject, the more and more forgoing PC SSFIV makes sense from a business standpoint.

Anyways, to a lot of us, a $15 upgrade on console is nothing. The same goes for the PC version on launch day. I’ll be getting the DLC for 360, and the PC version so I can record matches in sweet, sweet 1080p.

PS. With coupon codes, you can get AE for like… $30 on D2D.