PC/xbox360 Graphics


I just got the game on my pc aswell and want to know what the graphic settings for the xbox 360 is so I can run the same graphics on my pc, so it wont be any diffrent.
anyone know what the xbox settings are? :slight_smile:


All I can tell is that there’s no anti aliasing. Probably runs at 720p, but why would you want to make it look the same as xbox when pc offer superior graphics? Graphics won’t change the gameplay unless the setting cause you to play the game at less than 60 fps. Make sure to turn off v-sync and change framerate to fixed.


Xbox version runs in 720p and has 2x aa.


The Xbox360 equivalent of “anti-aliasing” is a ham-handed fullscreen filter. It’s not the same as MSAA and QSAA available for SF4 on PC.