PC360+ on PS4

So I saw that you can use legacy controllers on PS4 SFV, meaning Ps3 controllers. So does that mean if I mod my 360 stick with a PC360+ I can use it on SFV without the 8 minute timeout?

You may want to look into the new Brook Universal 5 in 1 pcb. There’s a thread on shoryuken for it already. If you dont want to actually do any modding, I believe Brook still sells the 360 -> PS4 adapters for 45$. Yes it will bypass the 8 minute timeout.

Out of laziness to read may I ask how difficult it is to add that PCB? About the same as PC360+? Because if it requires soldering or the like I think I’ll just grab the adapter.

This belongs in Tech Talk. Anyway to answer your question, the Brook 5-in-1 is just as easy to install as a PS360. Though honestly (and it’s nothing against Brook; they’re a great company that’s been real good to the community), I say just save yourself a couple of bucks and get a PS360 and just use the soft-reset and reconnect it after every match. I’ve modded my Atrox with a PS360+ and use it on my PS4 and I don’t have any issues with the soft reset function.

Sorry about that. I’ll have to think about it because that timeout is a huge pet peeve for me. But thanks for the help.

8 minutes is more than enough for a match, and the intermission between matches is more than enough for a soft reset and reconnect. Assuming you’re following tournament rules (i.e. 99 seconds, best of 3 rounds), even if you get 3 rounds ending in a time over, that’s only about 5 minutes. Then just hit Select+HK to disconnect your controller and then press Home to sign in again. As long as you remember to do it at every win screen (and trust me, I’m forgetful as fuck and I still manage to remember to do it), there should be zero issues.

There’s also the option for legacy controllers by connecting the PS360+ in PS3 mode to bypass the timer by using the Lab Zero drivers, but the legacy support is a bit iffy, or so I’ve heard.

if money isnt an issue go with the brook universal fight board… installs the same exact way as the ps360+ and is alot more user friendly for updating firmware. works on all the new and last gen systems.

if you cant afford the brook then you can use the PS360+ in PS3 mode with legacy driver feature in the controller settings on PS4… but its annoying as hell and you have to re-enable it everytime you start the SF V game up.

if you are not able to add these pcbs yourself then the PS3 to PS4 adapter works well and is easy to update and use.