Pcb board problem

I have had my HRAP VX SA for about 9 months now and just yesterday i went to plug it in and the xbox wasn’t reading it. i tried switching the breakaway cable but no luck. so at this point i am assuming that it is done. here lies the question:

  1. If my PCB isn’t broken what else could it possibly be?
  2. If i do need to replace it what is the best/most economical option? And if so, where can i find a guide on how to solder everything in?

Maybe a stupid question, but did you check the other USB port on the 360? Because on mine, one of the ports doesn’t work with my TE while the other one does just fine. Just thought I’d mention that before you dive too far into fixing it.

Have you been wrapping the cord around the stick instead of in the compartment? Frankly, I’d think a frayed or worn out USB cable is your most likely fault. It’d take a multimeter to be sure, or you can just try replacing it yourself; would def require soldering though but its a cheap fix.

And of course, test on a PC as well.

I don’t know if the USB cables soldered to the PCB on a hrap but I can’t count the times I’ve salvaged a replacement USB and fixed plug & play by stumbling on to the same molex connector.

Nevermind this is 360.

The break away end connection on the 360 pads is super sensitive and prone to breaking, try one you know that functions before replacing the whole cable.

Op already said he tried switching the breakaway.

I’m in agreement with Toodles, check it on the PC first and check voltage on the board. It’s likely going to be that the entire USB cable needs replaced because Hori sticks are notorious for fraying at the base of the stick. It’s not a difficult fix if you have basic soldering knowledge.

JST, not Molex.
And can salvage USB from computer mouse to use HRAP.

The HRAP has JST EH Connector for USB.

Once you get a replacement cable, (used gamestop or generic at walmart are two options) hop on craigslist and see if you can find someone that does PC hardware repair if you don’t have a gun or solder skills, shouldn’t be more than $20-40 bucks for labor.

i always use the wire compartment instead of wrapping it around. my pc doesnt detect it either. it does however detect my TE-S for ps3.

i tried both ports on it with both my MK stick and the HRAP and the MK stick works on both and the HRAP works on neither.

the same breakaway cable works with the MK stick.

And once again jdm drops in with knowledge that no one else but him would know. o_o

Seriously, I just checked it out with a broken mouse. The info is legit.

Not all mouse is same though.

Your always correcting me on that when I call them molex. o_O

Whats the generic name for this type of plug since Molex & JST are brands? ATX?


The 5 pin version of this works in Madcatz TE for wiring the stick up if you shave it slightly with a razor blade, cleans it up like a hot knife through butter.

I snag them off Intel fans all the time.

pulled a wire out of a dell mouse and the connector part was a little smaller than the one in my hrap. by any chance would that just be a thing with dell’s model?

If its smaller, its probably a PH instead of an EH. You could clip the connector off and solder the wires directly to the board or to the wires on the older one if you like. If you dont want to solder, I can tell you want parts to get from digikey so you could crimp a new EH connector onto the new USB wire. It shouldnt be more than two and a half dollars and $2 first class postage.

Yes, the smaller one would be a JST PH most likely. :sad:
You can solder a new USB directly to the HRAP PCB if you want to.

Hi jon lol

thanks guys. im going to be soldering it on in the next few days. i assume if this doesnt work than the pcb is dead?

A bad PCB should have a very distinct smell… Hard to describe kind of like burning oil nothing else smells like burnt electronics but once you know that smell you never forget it.

If there is no Odor, no blown capacitors, no burned fried solder points the PCB should be fine.

so i stripped the cables and soldered it so the working cable had the bigger end. what happens is when i turn my xbox on with it plugged in, i get a red ring, but if i plug it in while the xbox is on then it freezes.

NEVER plug in a stick that isn’t 100% confirmed to be working into a system. Plug it into a PC, because that will give you some kind of error message that could help with troubleshooting, plus it has safeguards to help you from doing damage to your computer, whereas a 360 does not.

My guess is you got the signal and ground wires crossed and caused a short.

i did test it in a computer and it read it.