PCB Board

Looking for a pcb board to purchase. 2 to be exact that can be connected to a xbox 360 stick. Will pay 80. to 90. dollars. Ill pay 100 if you can throw in usb wires. Please let me no.

What exactly do you want to do with this pcb? I can help you out…

I have a Hrap Ex SE (xbox360) PCB

Clarity much ? Labor day is awesome

After doing some research i’m dropping the price to 70$ for 2 Cthulu MC Pcb boards.
And to answer your question blindwithonearm I have a hori real arcade pro sa for the xbox360 and i’m get what could be another xbox case so i need those to pcbs.

okay… I’ll help you with this then so you arent spending too much money…
contact Toodles through PM… you can order that directly from him…
good luck with your modding pojects!

thanks you rock