PCB burning upon plugging in. NEED HELP (fire hazard)

I had just finished my month long arcade project last night and was playing some street fighter. I lost connection to the xbox even though it was still plugged in. I looked underneath and smoke was pouring out. I unplugged it immediatly. Just now, I plugged it into my PC so I could test what has been damaged. The very second I plugged it it, my thumb on the pcb got a blister. What the hell could be causing this? I played for hours straight and had no problems, but the one time it nearly caught fire, I had played for no more than 10 minutes.

Info: I’m using a Madcatz 4716. The case is wooden and I had hot-glued the pcb to the inner wall. Is it possible that the hot glue is shorting a 5V connection and causing abnormal current?

glue is non conducting, you must have a crossed wire of something

The controller I dissected is a Madcatz 4716 for Xbox 360

Some things to note:

  1. The right trigger uses the transistor method. The transistor is under the electrical tape.
  2. The resistors under the analog sticks are to neutralize them. I also removed the pots.
  3. The D-pad was bugging out so I removed it and soldiered wires directly to the signals. The white wire uses the ground from the guide button.

use better wire. Looks like speaker cable. OBVIOUSLY SHORTING

It is speaker cable. The only other thing I have is lamp wire (which breaks extremely easily). What is it about speaker wire that shorts and is there a quick fix?

its tooo thick from looking at it. use better suited size wire like 22-26gauge wire. just dangerous that you could cross a power or ground

What if I wrapped every partially-exposed contact with electric tape? Would that prevent any crossovers?

Its possible. Hard to tell. My honest opinion is that you should go grab some 22 or 24 gauge wire, and re-wire it. That wire is far too large.

Get some more suitable wire. And you should probably clean that board with some high concentration isopropyl alcohol. Dab some on the end of a q-tip.