PCB buying/modding query

Hi guys,
I’ve been wanting to build a stick for ages and I have all the parts except the PCB (I ordered the PS360+ at $45) but as that’s being delayed and I’m a very impatient person I’m looking into other options uch as pad-hacking or buying a purely 360-centric PCB (as my PS3 YLOD’d and I’m not too bothered about having a stick for that anymore)
So I was wondering are there any downsides to pad-hacking? input lag or anything? Or would I better buying a PCB for a 360 stick?

No, not really any downsides. Padhacking just reassigns the buttons from a controller. Instead of using the buttons of the controller, it just uses arcade buttons instead. The controller still “thinks” you’re using it as a regular controller.

Most people recommend the Madcatz FightPad/BrawlPad as an easy 360 padhack. Second up is the Madcatz model 4716 controller, but the triggers are a little bit trickier. But you don’t have to Invert the triggers if you don’t plan on using it in a Dual Mod.

However, you could use any old 360 PCB you have laying around if you have some off-brand third party controller laying around. The PCB does not have to be common ground if you’re not Dual Modding, unless if you plan on using a joystick that uses a PCB/5-pin connector. Then, you may have some troubles with non-common ground controllers.Easiest way to avoid having to worry? Just get a madcatz fightpad.

I’d definitely recommend the SF4 FightPad; the triggers are recognized as buttons on that one, so padhacking is very easy on that. Another plus is the low price and it works on PC. However, I wouldn’t recommend a usual Xbox360 pad, since it needs heavy modding, more solder joints (additional resistors / capacitors) and is imho almost impossible for a novice. The SF4 FightPad on the other hand has relatively large soldering spots and doesn’t need any further mods.

Thanks guys for the quick reply! I may just buy a SF4 FightPad in which case as I’m only wanting to play on 360 and sometimes on the PC.
They’ll work on the PC I presume as the standard 360 pads work on PC just fine?
Is there a guide on the forum for padhacking? I had a quick search before work and found small amounts of work but nothing too detailed.
Thanks again guys - if I find one of these cheap then it could save money if I cancel my pre-order :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Would a SF4 ROUND 2 pad work the same? (these are expensive now… o_o) Thanks

Round 2 uses same PCB, so it’s all fine.

Also, there’s some info in Dual modding 101 Just read Chapters 1 and 6, the rest don’t really matter if just wanting to padhack.

Yes, 360 works fine on any PC that can use 360 controllers.

That’s awesome thanks again for your help, guys