PCB damaged during desoldering

Hi all this is my first post, but I’ve lurked a lot in these months, and now I’m here asking for some helps.
Following some guides all over the web I’ve finally made my mind and ordered parts from arcadeshop to mod my hori ex2.
I have no experience about desoldering and also the soldering it’s not something I do frequently.
I’ve made the big mistake of trying to use a desoldering wire… the results was almost terrible.
I’ve removed most of the solder plate and also in one hole the wire has “desoldered” part of the track on the pcb :sad:
I’m attaching an image to be more clear.


Now the real question: I’ve see that all the “tracks” from the connectors converge in the black cable so I was wondering if following the track cutting the cable and solder it with the cable connectors of push buttons could be a valid workaround for this problem?
For sure I’m not going to touch anything in the main pcb until I’ve understood why I’ve made all this damage

Thank’s for any help you could give me


That photo is really bad, you’ll need to post a clearer one for us to tell for sure but there’s no reason you couldn’t carefully scrape some of the coating off of the track and solder on it further up, just be really careful not to pull it off the PCB!


Just solder to the points at the top of the small board. You can follow the traces easily.


@CodeThief: sadly my mobile phone camera really sux, this one is one of the most clear photo… but to be more clear I’ve already pulled of 1/2cm track from the pcb in the lowest left (in the photo is the more white part of track).

@Paik4Life: since I’ve planned to connect bush puttons using faston terminal, do you suggest me to solder it still on pcb or directly to the wire on top of it?

scrap that board and use crimp connectors to connect your new wires to the black wires coming off the main board.

Perfect I was almost sure that it could fit but my electronic knowledge it’s rusty, since it’s about 15 years I don’t see any circuit, now with the main problem almost solved the second one is: any ideas of why the desoldering wire have desoldered almost everything? It could be that the glue over the contacts have made the wire collate with the track on pcb? The safer way to proceed and desolder the 2 buttons attached on the main pcb it’s to buy a desolder pump?

BTW thanks for your help and time :slight_smile:

I would guess that you either overheated the board or the solder cooled whilst you had the desoldering braid still touched against the PCB and you tore the trace off (easily done :sad:)

I’ve found that solder pumps are almost useless and braid was the way to go, just takes some practice I guess :smile:


Ok then I’ll try to desolder some components on an old motherboard to practice a little more before approaching the last 2 buttons, unfortunately good ideas come always to late particularly when I’m in hurry to try the new components on my gief :wink: