I’ve had this for a year at least and its always worked great. Today the A button has about a 50% chance of triggering either A or Y, likewise the the X button wants to trigger X or B.

I’m missing the wrench to open the case at the moment, but the wiring is clean, and it’s obviously not the buttons themselves.

Is this a known problem with these controllers? Would there be any chance it’s my Xbox console? A while back the directions stopped working on my Madcatz TE all together so I’m starting to wonder if it’s the USB jacks or something.

I just bought an Xbox Live sub card this week too. :wasted:

it sounds like the pcb try to locate a wrench and check it out highly doubt its the usb cord if its just certain buttons. I have a the ex version I’m not sure if its the same PCB but I imagine it is. Its definitely not my favorite pcb. I purchased one second hand and the had to do work on the pcb. The wires are all soldered close together, so just check all the solder points of where the button wires meet the pcb and use a magnifying glass if you can make sure there all good clean no points touching. also switch buttons around to make sure even sanwa’s can fuck up. If the pcb is done you can hack a cheap mad catz 360 controller to replace the pcb

The Ex and Ex Se has same pcb just the stick and buttons are seimitsu on the Se version