Pcb from joysticksia.com



I bought this in order to do myself a fightstick :


From here : http://www.fightstickasia.com/EN/HKD/product/Multi-Platform-PS3-XBOX-360-PCusb-59.html

I cannot find where is ‘Start’… :(( … And i dont see what is ‘mode’ and also why have 2 times select…?..

Advices needed please.


I guess you have not received it right? its there somewhere its just a standard 3in1 qanba pcb you may want to post your question on the qanba thread or email them. I’m sure it will make more sense when you receive it and see it in person.


If its the same as the Qanba PCBs (like it says) the start is going to be lumped in with the rest of the signals, I dont feel like digging through my old posts, but I know I took pictures of the Qanba PCB for Tech Talk a bit ago.
It’s not with the Select/Mode/etc because the start button on those sticks is on the face of the stick, not the panel up top.


Yes I have the pcb and test it actually… And yes its qanba official pcb.

  • But some functions is not very clear as they dont provide any docs and i dont have a qanba…

  • Yep i Already send them an email but still no answer…


Ok i had reply from fightstickasia. I inverse one of cable… It works now ^^


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