PCB Help

so im a noob when it comes to this PCB stuff that is without a doubt. im trying to get a joystick that will work for my ps3/xbox360 if anybody could tell me what pcb i would need or how on earth i would even start to do something like that i would appreciate it. thank you :slight_smile:

The absolute easiest option in my opinion to contact someone who does the dual pcb setup in a Virtua Stick High Grade. The explanation, along with the names of a few people that can do it, can be seen in the tutorial on VFDC:
I know Akuma001 (That’s his SRK handle, 001 on VFDC) has done a number of these mods, so you may want to contact him. Keep in mind, that’s buying a good but spendy stick, and also paying for an Xbox360 controller to go in it as well, and a good amount for labor for someone to put it in for you.

The exact same kind of work can be done on any stick, but since the VSHG has the PS3 board already in it, and the tutorial is for the VSHG, most people do it with that stick.

If you haven’t done this kind of work before, and you want your hobby to be playing games and NOT making sticks, it is definitely worth it to get someone who knows to do it for you.

oh sweet thanks very much for the help ill look at those links and get of hold of those people u were telling me about.