PCB in knockoff 360-controller *Updated with review and pics*

And I guess one less clean option (people do like their daisy chains ;)) is to wire the Vcc, instead of ground, to the trigger buttons.

That’s an option, but then you couldn’t us it in a dual mod setup.

I forget, do we have a thread that covers trigger inversion? I’d like to bookmark it.

yeah, forgot were though. Think the one about padhacking the madcatz pad by Upas has a guide for trigger inversion using a chip.

Here’s some fairly useful info. I’m not sure if this has to do with inverting or merely neutralizing the signal, though.



Just curious, is it possible to use a Microsoft brand wireless pad to make a stick?


Thank you. Sending you a PM.

This is a beautiful find, Thank you very much for posting. You said you got yours for 15 shipped, which one did you find for that price because i only see them for about 24 shipped which is still not bad

I also saw this on dealextreme, and am wondering if it is the same pad

Thanks for the info Kabadesu…

I found a number of shops selling these knockoff pads, while I was looking for an original 360 d-pad.
But I didn’t buy one, because I thought the price difference compared to the original one, was only like $10.
So I didn’t want to risk losing $20-25 at the time, since I had just lost a wireless pad after a failed attempt at pad-hacking.

Maybe I’ll look into one of these, when they’ve run out of original MS pads or when I feel like taking a risk.

Here is one for $17.50, and it’s the same seller that I bought from. I think they raised the price a little bit since I bought it.

And I don’t think the one you posted is the same one. Thought at first that maybe they just put some stickers on it but then I noticed that the USB plug didn’t look the same.

This listing from the same seller is for $8.74 + $5.99 shipping (it’s the white version).

Thanks for this. Added to the OP.

Has anyone gotten a chance to try one of these with a headset on Xbox Live? I understand some people were having audio problems with the Qanba joysticks, and since this is also an unlicensed controller I was wondering if there were any audio issues to be aware of.

I just tried it and didn’t experience any problems using a headset. There was a bit more background noise in the headphone when you cranked the volume up but nothing major.

That’s good to know. Sounds like all around this is a good stock 360 PCB for modders.

I’m confused by the part where kabadesu said that the PCB has a common ground. I obtained a knockoff controller that looks just like the one described in the OP, but it doesn’t have a common ground, at least not that I can find. It appears that the analog buttons have a separate ground from the digital buttons, unless there is a common ground terminal somewhere that I’m missing. I’ve labeled the terminals that I’ve tried using. I’ve tried connecting the Right Trigger and Left Trigger terminals to the digital ground terminals, but got no response. When I instead connected those terminals to the home button’s ground, (not labeled in the picture,) the triggers didn’t activate, but instead it activated the analog sticks, and made the game’s character spin around.

I connected the terminals for the A and B buttons to the terminals labeled, “ANALOG GND” in the image, but nothing happened.

I even tried connecting the analog ground terminal to the home button’s ground, but when I did that, the LED turned off, and the controller completely stopped functioning.
Could someone please upload a picture with the common ground labeled?

Common ground means you can use any ground. The problem with what you are doing is that the triggers require you to invert them.