PCB in knockoff 360-controller *Updated with review and pics*

Thanks for this. Added to the OP.

Has anyone gotten a chance to try one of these with a headset on Xbox Live? I understand some people were having audio problems with the Qanba joysticks, and since this is also an unlicensed controller I was wondering if there were any audio issues to be aware of.

I just tried it and didn’t experience any problems using a headset. There was a bit more background noise in the headphone when you cranked the volume up but nothing major.

That’s good to know. Sounds like all around this is a good stock 360 PCB for modders.

I’m confused by the part where kabadesu said that the PCB has a common ground. I obtained a knockoff controller that looks just like the one described in the OP, but it doesn’t have a common ground, at least not that I can find. It appears that the analog buttons have a separate ground from the digital buttons, unless there is a common ground terminal somewhere that I’m missing. I’ve labeled the terminals that I’ve tried using. I’ve tried connecting the Right Trigger and Left Trigger terminals to the digital ground terminals, but got no response. When I instead connected those terminals to the home button’s ground, (not labeled in the picture,) the triggers didn’t activate, but instead it activated the analog sticks, and made the game’s character spin around.

I connected the terminals for the A and B buttons to the terminals labeled, “ANALOG GND” in the image, but nothing happened.

I even tried connecting the analog ground terminal to the home button’s ground, but when I did that, the LED turned off, and the controller completely stopped functioning.
Could someone please upload a picture with the common ground labeled?

Common ground means you can use any ground. The problem with what you are doing is that the triggers require you to invert them.

Anyone else get one of these and use them in a dual mod yet? Just wondering if anyone else ran into a weird issue like I did.

When by itself all the buttons work fine and all, but when I put it in a dual modded setup both analog stick axis went crazy. I ended up having to use a diode for each button signal on this 360 pad.

then can I use it for my dual mod using the chimp or not? just wondering as I was about to drop $30 for a fightpad just to be 100% that it has common ground, I’m don’t care about the triggers, as the Chimp does the inversion for me.

if not then should I get this? instead http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001M241L4/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&m=AM31OJCWIJ6BE (cheapest that could find)

Just ordered acouple of these today… how long did shipping take?

curious about this pad so i’m gonna order some too. Madcatz pads are hard to come by these days.

I am having some problems getting mine to work with my Cthulhu / Imp dual mod with the trigger inversion hack. It worked just fine, except that for some reason when I press any of the buttons the analog sticks shoot into the diagonal corners and stay there until I unplug my joystick. When I press the buttons after the sticks are stuck in the corners they wiggle around a bit, but they never return to center unless I unplug, and they shouldn’t be moving around anyway. I did not remove the analog sticks from the PCB, so I have no idea what is causing them to screw up.

Also, would anyone happen to have any suggestions about how to wire up a 2.5mm stereo jack to the solder points on the headset port on this thing? I honestly have no clue where to start, other than that I’ve got 3 wires heading out of my stereo jack and I need to find three places near the headset jack to solder them onto.


I solved my problem, guys-- I removed the pots on the joysticks and now I have nothing attached to the solder points for them-- no resistors, no nothin’-- and now the joystick works perfectly! This the dualmodder’s dream come true, provided you are willing to go through the work of inverting the triggers (which is assuming you’re going to need all 8 action buttons anyway). I can’t wait to test this thing out on my friend’s Xbox 360, and I am quite pleased that my fightstick is now 100% tournament ready! Now I just need to do some serious training…

Here’s a pic, BTW-- sorry that it’s all blurry, my camera is crap.


Overall I’d say these PCB’s are a perfectly viable alternative to the Madcatz fightpad. They are a little bit more work to wire up due to the trigger inversion and the need to remove the analog sticks, but they are much cheaper and you don’t have to sabotage a perfectly good fightpad for the sake of dual modding, and it has a smaller footprint to boot!

Probably the most satisfying part though is knowing my stick has a 100% unauthorized 360 PCB, and that M$ did not get a penny from me just to have one of their lame security chips. :badboy:

Good to hear that you succeeded. However, I’m really surprised that it worked without needing to replace the pots with resistors! Does anyone have an explanation to this?

QFT! :tup:

Timstuff You are AWESOME

i just wonder… did you desolder everything or used bruteforce? :slight_smile: can you make a tutorial on removing the analog sticks?
i don´t have the pcb yet… but i want to know how easy is this padhacking for dualmod <3


any success on easy dualmodding with MC Cthulhu?
i found similar pcb´s in a chinese store here in chile <3

if its common ground with an inverted trigger hack then it should work just fine and be the same way that you do a mod with a normal mcthulhu and a fightpad

but im not sure about that post above saying that it needed to have the analog pots removed :confused:

analog pots remain
he meant the trigger pots
he probably never took it out when he put everything in place

wait nvm it looks like he did take out hte analog pots

just remove analogs then i guess
i ahven`t had a chance to try this pad out yet so

I got hold of this 360 knock-off controller and I must say this was the best 10 EUR shipping included buy I did recently. Thanks to the OP for the great find !
The large solder pads near the epoxy-protected chip is super awesome. I should try to map them to button signals when I find the time.