PCB Issue/Firmware


I have a friend who just bought a custom stick to use on his pc with SSFIVAE the problem is(and this is weird), the buttons work fine but the joystick doesn’t. Figured that the culprit was the connection between pcb and the joystick but(and this really weird) we played SFXT and everything works in SFXT. The PCB in the stick is the Cthulhu PC/PS3 at least I think that is it. Any help would be appreciated.


Any chance of a loose contact? (These are a PITA to diagnose, but you can try shaking the stick…) Does the stick have dual modding or other electronic features? Were both tests on the PC?


Wasn’t this an issue with the game itself?



Yeah both test were done on PC the stick works fine on PS3 and no it is not modded.


Follow the directions jdm posted once to setup the config in the game, and you’ll never have to sweat it again.


Didn’t want to start a new thread for this but can someone tell me why the Soul Calibur V PS3 stick’s start button or confirm button don’t register at the start screen but ingame (obviously) they work.


So…the START button doesn’t work when you first load the game? Then how do you get into games that require you to press START before you play? Are you talking about the HOME button?!


I use the space bar on my keyboard. Sorry I should’ve mentioned that I was speaking about SSFIV AE PC version.