PCB Issues?

Hey guys. The cord to my T5 stick is pretty much shot. My stick will work on and off and may cut off on me in the middle of a match. Right where you can see the cord come out of the stick is where the cord is torn open and the wires are exposed. Needless to say I need to replace it. I’m assuming in this case I’ll need to replace the cord and the entire PCB is that right? I haven’t modded my stick before but I do understand that if I replace the PCB I can use a regular PS2 pad PCB to replace it. But one of my questions is: Since the buttons in the T5 are soldered straight on to the PCB, is there a way I can get them off with out a desoldering gun? And and another question is since I may need to get a new PCB I figured I would wire the buttons to it, but there are none since the buttons were originally soldered to the first PCB. Where can I get wires? I don’t have a soldering gun by the way so is simply using those wire grip thingys (the ones that you can attach to the end of a wire and then clip on to the prongs of the buttons) going to work just fine? If anyone understands or doesn’t understand, please let me know. Thank you in advance.