PCB layouts for hrap3 and madcatz TE?

anyone know where i can find the layout for the pcb’s for the hrap3 and madcatz TE. i want to know where to solder to use the home buttons and possibly the LED lights. TIA

trying to do this to my hrap3 and te sticks


edit: this is for PS3 to use with sixaxis + axisdapter

the guide button is labeled and can use any ground.

edit nvm dont know about ps3

bump. anyone?

i took a picture of the hrap3 pcb. the home button sits on top of SW2. Can anyone tell me where I would need to solder wires to. it will connect to the home button on the axisdapter. i am teh noob with this kind of stuff.

Hey that’s my video :rofl: If I could get my hands on a HRP3 I would actually try this

do you have a picture where you soldered on the TE stick for the LEDs and the home? when i saw your video i was like, ok i have to do this.

my wireless hrap3 looks so ghetto with a hole. i took the pcb and controlpanel out because it was completely non-functional. i dont want the same fate for my TE.


This is how I wired my HRAP3 PCB to the Xbox pad for my latest dual mod.

I soldered to the side shown and made a slot on the plastic casing so the wires could get out.
I couldn’t find guide, so I used the start+select = home functionality of the IMP.

Gotta bump this one, I’m looking to connect the status lights on my SE stick. I’m putting an order in for the axis adapter, would love to get that set up.

i’m very interested.

Could you possible change that to Ps3 button equivalents?

red comet. can you post pictures of your fightstick pcb?