PCB mounting

What do you guys use to mount a PCB in a stick? like a regular dual shock ps1 pcb, for example.

I have asked this before. I know people use those little project boxes. Also, I think they use small PCB feets, or maybe just zippy cords (I think they’re called like that - those cords that bad people uses to get hostages hands together… hope you understeand what I mean :slight_smile:

Personally, the PCB on my stick is just lying there - nothing but the soldered cables is keeping that PCB in place. I know is not the best option, and I suggest you to not try the same.


Adhesive backed Velcro.

I am also wondering this. Anybody else have any other solutions?

This is what I always do…

  1. Place the PCB where you want it.
  2. Find a hole through the PCB. Most PCBs have just regular holes in them… you just have to find them.
  3. Take a 1/16th drill bit and put it through the hole, and drill just a very small tad, just break the wood skin.
  4. Place a small screw into the hole of the PCB and press it down against the wood.
  5. Screwdrive the screw down.

This will secure the screw into the wood and will keep the PCB from moving. I also do the same thing with terminal strips.

You can do what I explained right here:


I don’t know if this is a stupid way to do it, but I used hot glue.

Here’s how I mounted my SIXAXIS to the inside of my SF Anniversary Stick.



I have more information in that thread (which I will be updating soon):


use a square tie with a wire tie going through it and around the pcb. . . use another wire tie/square if the pcb is bigger.


just peel off the thing and stick it.

or industrial strength velcro / normal adhesive backed velcro. You can stick it on the pots if you cut away the little thumbsticks.


you don’t need the industrial strength, normal/cheaper velcro will do just fine.

I put the PCB in a project box, insert screws into the holes in the base, and then wrap elastic bands around the screws so they cross over the PCB and hold it in place.

i use pcb standoffs and hotglue. Plus, if i need to remove it or relocate for whatever reason, its easy enough to remove the glue.

I put mine in a project box and Velcro it to the top panel for easy removal.

Hot glue if your not the alter it all the time type, if you dont like projecy boxes you could always surf your kitchen for a small tupperware container ftw :slight_smile: I’m actually thinking of frankenstiening the old psx cases littering my garage… :s

get some standoffs at radio shack, they’re like 2 bucks.