PCB placement for Mad Catz PS3 Arcade stick?


I own a Mad Catz PS3 blazblue fightstick: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/710MqFNwmzL.SL1500.jpg

I would like to change the PCB to be able to play on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 OR just PC/Xbox 360 (I have a converter for using a 360 on PS3). What PCB should I get? I searched on google for a bit and just got plain flat out confused. Would really appreciate some advice, thanks! Alternatively, if there is any info on getting this stick to work on PC that has an nvidia card that would help too.


Honestly I’d just dual mod the TE pcb to a MadCatz 360 Fightpad pcb. This will require soldering.

You could try getting a PS360+ board which would be solderless but there’s a chance it won’t be compatible with your pc.


To solder Id have to buy a soldering iron and all that, which if i do, might as well be getting a new stick in addition to buying a 360 pad as Im in singapore and those arent cheap. Is the PS360+ pcb this one: http://www.focusattack.com/akishop-ps360-multi-console-joystick-pcb/ and if so, its not compatible with my PC? How is that?



It just doesn’t work on some pc’s. You can try different USB / RJ45 cables and USB jacks, and good luck to you. It works fine on console.


I know this has probably been brought up, but is it in PS3 or 360 mode when you use it on PC? Is there a way to force it into a specific mode for PC?


No theres a problem with PS3 madcatz sticks to work on PCs with Nvidia cards. I play mainly on PC now and its really problematic to have this stick just sitting around =(


I haven’t had an issue with PS360+ not working on certain PCs. Since the update, it’s worked on every PC or laptop it’s been on. Is there a common factor for when they don’t work on certain setups? Is it based on CPU or GPU type?


Myself and my customers have had the opposite experience. There was mention that it could be something to do with Windows7 or something to do with how the PC motherboard is interpreting USB jaks or something to do with the length / type / quality of the cable used.

All I know is that using it on a 15 year old computer with Windows XP seems to work, but that could be down to anything except a cable issue.


Hmm, that’s pretty strange. I used to have the same complaint where it seemed like the PS360+ only worked on half the xbox and half the PCs I tried it on. But since throwing in the latest update, it’s worked like a charm since then.

I doubt it’s the cable. Hell, I picked up a cheap 15-foot USB cable from monoprice for like $2 and it’s worked great so far. If that thing can work, I’m sure higher quality stuff will operate just fine.


you could also buy a VIA usb add-on card for your computer for like 10 bucks.it will only require opening your computer case and popping it in. your computer should read your stick after that


For other readers please note this will not help for Laptop users.