PCB problem= ps1 ds

Hi, bought a pre-hacked pb off someone I know, having dealt with before. Problem I have is that upon connecting everything up it appears my circle button and one of the R triggers are one and the same, what i mean is my mk and hp both correspond to R1, in theory I have no circle button, on the pcb it is clear though that the connections for both butons arent even close.

Its he green and yellow wires obviously ;/

well… the person who soldered it COULD have accidently crossed your signal for both those buttons. or you could have your daisy chain messed up on those buttons crossing those 2 signals for the buttons.

i really doubt they messed up tho

Sorry I dont quite understand, could you be a bit more specific? I would end o believe i is more something Ive done than the pad hacker too, just cant really see how ;/

you could have wired the signals for those buttons into your daisy chain making them both activate at the same time. but idk if that would cause the problem…

take another picture of just the pcb. and another of the case the full thing

Daisy chain


as I was wired…

that purple wire coming from the chip. what is that signal for?


there is an orange color wire coming from where triangle is so there are 2 triangle buttons? also i cant see anything wrong that would make that happen.

anybody want to take a crack at this?

My guess is that ground is taken from the “triangle” button (no googles on so i cant confirm that :stuck_out_tongue: )

edit diden’t read to well… as i said no googles on… are the grounds connected the right way??