pcb problem

i’ve had a seimitsu custom stick for about 7 months now and it suddenly stopped working. i pulled/pushed the cord and suddenly it started working again but it only lasted for a few days. the strange thing is that the stick still works when navigating the ps2 browser but once the game starts, the stick stops working.

looking inside the stick, it looks like one of the wires from the cord could be barely loose from the pcb. can one loose wire keep the stick from working?

it’s a psx ds pcb by the way

bumping. please if anyone has any suggestions i’d appreciate it

I’m no expert, but if you have everything wired up to a common ground and that wire comes loose from the PCB it could make everything stop working. I would post in the pad-hacking thread I’m sure someone like Toodles could give you an exact answer.

Yes, there are a number of PSX wires that will cause the whole thing to not work if they become disconnected from the PCB. What exactly were you looking for? If the cable doesnt work but sometimes works when you jiggle, then the problem is the cable. If there’s an obvious wire loose, fix the wire. If it still doesn’t work, replace the cable.

thanks for the help